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Watch Brian Kilmeade’s Priceless Body Language When Fox’s Steve Doocy Shoots Trump’s ‘Weekly Appearance’ Down

As everyone knows, Fox News and Fox and Friends morning show is basically GOP-branded propaganda. Of course, it is. And other than Sean Hannity, no Fox show played a bigger role in Trump’s rise to the top of the GOP food chain than the morning show Fox and Friends. Indeed, Trump seemed to be on every other day in the 2016 campaign and that was way back when Fox still had some issues with Trump. Now, the man who cannot rally, Trump, wants to be on Fox and Friends once a week.

Indeed, at a couple of points during this morning’s interview, Trump dropped the announcement that he would be on every Monday or Tuesday and that it would be “just like old times.” Thus it was that at the very end of the interview, Trump repeated that he’d be on again next week and that it would be great to be doing these spots (47 minutes long) every Monday or Tuesday. Except, this time, Steve Doocey had some news for Trump:

Mr. President, thank you very much. You may want to do it every week. But Fox has not committed to that, we’re going to take it on a case by case basis. And Joe Biden, as well, is always welcome to join us for 47 minutes, just as you. Donald Trump, president of the United States …

Meanwhile, off to the side, Brian Kilmeade’s reaction is just priceless as he looks like he’s giving birth to an armadillo, like he cannot believe that Doocey actually just corrected “God.”

It is a fascinating thing to hear (and see) because – as we’ve said many times before – one can bet that Fox is going to play its cards close to the vest. They do not want to be the last ones off the titanic. If Trump starts to really tank, they do not want the guy who may be ten points down later on, back on the air every week for the last three weeks. Undoubtedly, the control room had this in mind when they – likely – whispered in Doocey’s ear “Don’t you dare let that go again, leave it open!”

And a lot of people found Kilmeade’s “sickness” hilarious:

Here’s another take, that Trump and Fox are doing something on the sly:

What a wonderful way to start the day.


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