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Watch Fox News Break the News to Kayleigh McEnany That Trump Lost the Debate

We cover Kayleigh McEnany closely and do so for a reason. “K-Mac” is the White House head cheerleader and she’s smart enough to use some of the dirtiest tricks in the book, all with a faux-badass attitude that makes her the heroine and political-porn fantasy of the MAGA world. A lot of the White House’s worst lies work their way out into the world via the press secretary.

We aren’t going to hold it against her that Kayleigh said she believes Trump “won” the debate, that’s her job. It is “how” Kayleigh described the win that is newsworthy, and the fact that Fox Business News Stuart Varney had to tell her that she was wrong that makes it hilarious:

Varney asked if Trump believes that he won the debate: (Video Below)

“Yes, he does. He was in very good spirits. He brought the fight that I think the American people wanted to see. President Trump took on the role of both the media, what they should be doing, and a candidate sharing his record with the American people,”

Even Varney didn’t quite see it that way and knew enough that he had to push back some – probably knowing Chris Wallace and feeling somewhat offended as a member of the media:

“However, his style, the frequent interruptions. The frequent interruptions and the talking over everybody, that was a lot from President Trump. And I think that’s what the audience didn’t like and will turn off.”

McEnany argued that Trump’s “offense style” was necessary to get answers from Biden. And of course that is dead wrong. Trump’s “style” was to KEEP Biden from answering questions. Varney then hilariously put it in terms the Trump team would understand, the same team that spent six months talking about “Biden Dementia.”

What’s your response to this? Biden won simply because he got through the whole 90 minutes, no gaffes, no senior moments, no lack of focus and reasonable amount of energy all the way through. Therefore, he survived, he won

Kayleigh had nothing, truly nothing she could say because it was the truth. She simply threw words out on the fly:

“That’s a really subjective interpretation. I would consider it a pretty big gaffe when asked about antifa, an organization that has killed Americans and targeted police officers, and there’s no condemnation of that group. I consider that a pretty big gaffe along with many others.”

Joe condemned violence. And it takes one hell of a pair to condemn Joe on ANTIFA when Trump wouldn’t even condemn white supremacists.

The media was dying to write the headline this morning, ‘Joe Biden prevails, Joe Biden exceeds expectations. Notably, you don’t see those headlines out there. Instead you’re seeing the question, should there even be two other debates. That’s a question a loser asks, not someone who thinks they won the debate.”

WRONG. The media didn’t write “Biden prevails” because it was too obvious to even mention. It didn’t write the word “prevail” because the entire country “lost” last night, seeing the production the “president” put on. The reason we’re having questions about a second debate is no one is sure whether Kayleigh’s guy can be trusted to not pull out a flamethrower and start lighting the entire stage on fire.



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