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Watch Kayleigh Lie to Viewers’ Faces: Trump Used a ‘Medical Term’ When Talking About Herd Mentality

Mendacious McEnany, “K-Mac,” returned to her usual morning spot on Fox News in an effort to get some water on the blaze Trump set last night during his ABC News Townhall. Both the Trump campaign and Fox News know that the night was a train fire that couldn’t have gone worse without Trump doing something bodily on stage. Last night, Laura Ingraham immediately went into damage control in calling the town hall an “ambush” interview. It was not, it is just what happens when a guy like Trump gets used to the Fox umbrella, where people like Ingraham and Pirro walk him through interviews, and then suddenly goes out into the real world where real people ask him real questions.

Speaking of questions, last night a participant asked Trump about his plans for COVID and Dr. Trump – the guy who is just “genetically smart in this stuff” – proceeded to explain how this was all going to go away: “Over a period of time, sure, with time, it goes away. And you’ll develop, you’ll develop like a herd mentality — it’s going to be herd-developed, and that’s going to happen. That will all happen.”

We all know that Trump’s addled self was reaching for herd immunity and we just dearly hope that “herd immunity” isn’t Trump’s primary plan to fight COVID because it has been reported that to develop full herd immunity in the U.S. would require enough people to get it such that over 5 million people die. We suspect Trump meant that he wants people to just assume it’s going away, and when a vaccine comes, the vaccine eventually builds a herd immunity.

Meanwhile, Kayleigh simply pretended that Trump got it right all along and didn’t say “mentality.” She literally just acted as though Trump said “immunity” and called it a “medical term.” As we noted, this is mendacious K-Mac at her best:

“Well, the term herd immunity is a medical term, which means that when you have a certain percentage of the population have antibodies, you have herd immunity. And it can be done via a vaccine or via prior illness, you develop the antibodies.”

“It’s a medical term and what the president said very clearly there with that is that a vaccine gets you there quickest.”

Trump didn’t say anything “very clearly.” That’s the entire point, twit.



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