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Watch Trump’s Angry Body Language When Gov. Newsom Tells Him Most Forest Land in California is Federal

We have noted for days that Donald Trump wants to put the blame for the fires on the Western Governors. Apparently Trump isn’t too interested in getting his hands dirty and helping to fix the problems with the Western fires, they all occur in blue states. We have seen the interviews with Miles Taylor in which he said that after the 2018 California fires, Trump said he wanted to stop all aid to the people of the state because they don’t support him. This is jaw-dropping.

So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Trump would want to simply dump the fire problem on Western governors. In this respect, Trump is handling the problem just like Jared wanted him to handle COVID. Ignore it, it’s a blue-people issue and just blame the governors.

Trump says (paraphrased) that he’s the one who has blasted these damned blue people for “three years” about managing the forests, you’ve got to manage the forests, says Trump. Well, true, but one can manage all one likes, if no one addresses climate change you can irrigate the forests and it won’t do any good. But more importantly, the management that must be done is the job of the federal government. In the West (unlike the east) most of the land, by far, is federal land. These fires mostly arise in federal National Forests, which – as we’ve reported for days – are managed by the national Forest Service, which is a part of the national Department of Agriculture, which is part of Trump’s cabinet. If he wants to scream about managing the forests better, he best get to screaming at his own people and himself.

Today we had Gavin Newsom point out to Trump that forest management must be done by the federal government since this is all federal land. Watch Trump’s body language when someone stands up to the big bad bully:

Absolutely perfect.

More people, if possible, need to stand up to his face. He’s actually just a lil’ kitten in the presence of people who stand up to him.


Peace, y’all
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