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[UPDATED] Americans Disgusted After Trump ‘Jokes’ About Joe Biden Being ‘Shot,’ ‘This is INSANE!’

UPDATE: According to Snopes, Trump was NOT referring to Biden getting shot with a gun or an assassination attempt. Trump was claiming that Biden’s mind was “shot”. We regret the error and will be more careful next time.

Today Trump said: “That’s why they are talking about the 25th Amendment. Three weeks, Joe’s shot. Let’s go Kamala.” Trump obviously said it as a pitiful and sick means to terrify his all too easily terrified fans into believing they’d have this terrible socialist president within three weeks of Joe’s elections.

First of all, interesting that Trump uses the word “shot” in talking about the 25th Amendment. The 25th Amendment is about when a president is so incapacitated, by stroke, mental instability, a family member in dire illness, something that prevents the president from fulfilling his duties for that period, to put the Vice President into the presidency, whether temporarily, or for good – depending upon the circumstances obviously. It is not about being “shot” and dead, leading the vice-president to assume office, that has always been known and didn’t require the 25th Amendment.

But what kind of sick fck brings that up? Why not say “Joe is a one-termer, and will obviously hand the reigns to Kamala, or will be doing Kamala’s duty, and she was the most liberal in the senate …”

And by the way, the “most liberal senator” thing is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar, are just three off the top of my head that are more liberal than Harris and there are about a dozen (or two) more. Harris is a centrist in every sense of the word. But not to the Republicans. We should have known they’d have said that about anyone, but still …

Twitter wasn’t impressed:


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