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Americans Furious After Trump Tweets Dangerous Lie About Covid, ‘Vote This Horrific Human Out of Office!’

COVID is about to overrun the country – again. In the last two weeks, cases are up 40%. Yesterday alone, there were almost 75,000 new cases. Deaths usually follow new cases by 2-3 weeks. Yesterday, 534 people died of COVID. If you increase 534 by 40% or so, we can expect deaths to rise to 700-800 a day in 2-3 weeks. There is no rule saying that because COVID is up to near its highest point (four days ago, we hit the highest one day total 84,00) it can’t get higher, much higher. We know that the cold weather is hurting – and it’s not getting warmer. We doubt it’s escaped people’s notice, that two weeks ago Trump began traveling the country again, holding super spreader rallies in which few people are wearing masks, many in the rust belt, where it’s not getting warmer.

We continue to wonder when we’ll read a story in the New York Times or Washington Post that discusses the number of COVID cases tracked directly to Trump’s rallies. Perhaps it’s just because we’re just hitting two weeks into the “big rally” thing again. It is coming, though. It is disgusting that Trump has made the bet that the study regarding how many of his followers caught COVID at his rallies won’t “break” as a story until after November 3rd. Otherwise, he might look, well – a little responsible for people being very sick and dying, like Herman Cain, RIP.

One thing we do know, when COVID is in the news, Trump’s campaign suffers. This country knows exactly why we have 25% of the world’s COVID deaths, despite having 4% of the world’s population. We are the only country with Donald Trump as president. And Donald Trump is sick of the media covering COVID:

We are rounding the turn he says, three days after the highest number ever recorded. And no, it is not “because of testing,” we have done plenty of testing since July. He doesn’t get to continually use that excuse. COVID is up because COVID is up. That’s all there is to it. Nothing more.

On November 4th, the news will be about who is winning the election (not who won, because all the votes will not have been counted) but COVID will also be in the news. If on November 4th this nation hits 90,000 new cases, or the dreaded 100,000 we’ve heard might be coming this winter, it WILL make the news. Donald Trump will simply care even less because it no longer impacts whether he has a second term.


Peace, y’all
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