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Conservatives Livid that Kamala Harris Landed the Cover of Elle Magazine, While Melania is Still Waiting

What the hell is it with conservatives and prizes? This morning, we heard whining that Trump failed to win the Nobel Peace prize and now, a really important and unforgivable snub! Elle Magazine recently revealed that Senator Kamala Harris, Biden’s running mate, will be featured on the cover of the November issue. WERE THAT NOT BAD enough, it appears that it will likely be a glowing story!

Wanna know who has never been on the cover of Elle magazine? Me. Wanna know who else has never been on the cover? Melania. And that is making conservatives furious according to the DC Daily Citizen, which seems confused as to whether the bigger insult is the glowing story on Kamala Harris, or the Melania four year snub. After all, the Daily Citizen says that it is hard to believe that the most “fashionable” First Lady since Jacqueline Kennedy has not once been extended the same courtesy. From the vaunted Daily Citizen

It’s a shame that the same sense of historical potency was not extended to Melania Trump … The Trump family is also the first to have a son living in the White House since John F. Kennedy Jr. in the 1960s … But Melania making history, apparently, doesn’t extend to magazine covers. In her time as First Lady, despite being a former model and appearing on the cover of Vogue before her 2005 wedding to Donald Trump, there have been no invitations to appear in any fashion magazine.

I know this is insane “outside the box” thinking here, but in searching for some sort of justification. does it seem like maybe it’s more a marketing thing than, say, something political? Is it not possible that everyone agrees that Melania is “fashionable,” and isn’t it just as possible that they think she has an interesting backstory, and it might not have anything to do with the fact that she’s a conservative, but that it’s more a snub based on the fact that far too many people can’t stand her and so putting her on the cover means plummeting sales?

It sure looks like the DC folks refuse to consider that it has anything to do with anything but politics. And look out, we have another Obama comparison, and these always hurt!

During the Obama administration, Michelle Obama featured on 12 magazine covers, and she also appeared in Elle Magazine in 2018 after leaving the White House. Every First Lady has also been photographed for Vogue, with the exception of Bess Truman, but Melania hasn’t been featured.

Every one? But then that means …

Instead of politics, women’s magazines should focus on featuring historic, influential and dynamic women from all sides of the political divide, not just the left. Perhaps that will help alleviate the steep readership decline that many magazines are facing.

They JUST WROTE that everyone since Bess Truman has been photographed for Vogue, which most people would take to mean that “politics” isn’t the problem. The problem is likely far more Melania herself and her selfish bratty attitude (that we’ve covered here plenty).

We can give them a quick demonstration of how this works. Very few of us support anything about George W. Bush, especially when he was president. Indeed, for the most part, we believed he was an awful president and person. Yet, with few exceptions, we all loved Laura Bush, especially when she was First Lady, she was wonderful. What’s not to love?

Maybe, just maybe, that’ll help them put it together a bit.

Take a look at this whining:


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