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Ex-Trump Friend Piers Morgan Reveals What Trump Smells Like Up Close and It Might Surprise You

Perhaps you may remember the time a few years ago, when Piers Morgan, the British broadcaster and journalist who’s well-known for his feistiness, famously got in a tangle with conspiracy theorist/gun rights nutter Alex Jones that turned into quite the yelling match on the now-defunct CNN program he hosted in 2013. Well, Morgan is also perhaps more acquainted with “frenemy” Donald Trump than he’d like to be, and The Guardian had a few questions for him, even at one point discussing what Trump smells like.

Which is well, weird, especially since I would have believed Trump smells like disappointment and toe cheese but apparently I’m wrong.

According to Morgan, Trump smells like “Quite expensive aftershave … not overly done, just a light, gentle aroma,” Morgan said, according to Indy100.

“You’d imagine he’d smell like some flamboyant nightclub owner in the 7os but he doesn’t.”

I can’t really picture that myself, but then I have written so much over the years about Trump’s ugliness that it’s difficult for me to envision such things. Then there’s the issue of his supposedly spending $70,000 per year on his hair, which looks more like a dead animal or unseemly insect nest on top of his head. But again, that’s me. Morgan, however, says “you get a whiff of hairspray, ’cause it is permanently coiffured.”

And while Trump frequently looks disheveled, he’s actually fanatically clean, according to Morgan, who like the rest of us, is having trouble figuring him out.

“He’s actually a germaphobe,” Morgan added. “If you coughed, it was like you’d got the plague and out would come the Purell and he wouldn’t shake hands with people. He was obsessive about it.”

“Then when he gets hit by a real killer virus, he treats it like a bloody casual load of nonsense. I don’t get that.”

Welp, all I can say is join the club. If someone were to write a book about all the things Trump does and says that doesn’t make sense they could very well have a lifetime career. While still hospitalized with COVID-19 he hopped in the car to visit his supporters outside the hospital, thereby potentially infecting the Secret Service agents hired to protect him. He’s also said the illness is a “blessing from God.”

Besides the fact that the comment above is asinine, it’s completely insensitive. I’m sure the families of the more than 220,000 Americans who have now died from COVID-19 don’t believe this illness is a “blessing.”

You know what will be a blessing? If we get rid of Trump come Election Day. THAT will be a blessing.

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