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Former CIA Dir. Brennan: ‘What is Known About Trump-Russia Still Doesn’t Get CLOSE to Reality’

John Brennan is a man who has – if anyone in the world could say so – seen it all as an intelligence official.

The former director of the CIA has worked under presidents from all parties and has known both ultimate failures (9-11) and ultimate successes (Bin Laden, and a ton we’ll never know about since that’s the point, we don’t hear about successes). He has a new book coming out in which he describes the deeply unsettling feeling he had when he first met Trump, and why it was that Trump wanted to know far more about “how” Brennan knew what he knew about Russia, much more so than the information that they gave him. Make of that what you will, but it sure seems like that would terrify someone attempting to brief him.

Brennan has a book coming out. In an Atlantic story they asked Brennan a question concerning what he knew about Trump and Putin before he retired in 2016, and what he gleaned in reading the Mueller report. Brennan’s answer should raise the hair on the back of everyone’s head.

He was asked if the situation that he’s seen behind closed doors is that much worse than what we all know publicly. Prepare yourself:

“I don’t think what is known at this point to U.S. officials gets close to the reality, because I think there’s still a lot about Trump and his background, some of the relationships with Russia between him and others, that is unknown,” Brennan says. “As he’s made clear, he wasn’t interviewed by Mueller; a lot of the financial information was never uncovered or accessed. So I think there’s still a lot there. There’s a lot that I was aware of when I was in the agency—a lot of intelligence. A lot of that intelligence, if it dealt with U.S. persons, got passed on to the FBI. I don’t know what the results of the follow-up investigative efforts were. So it’s really unclear to me, the full extent of it.”

Not that you’ve been having a hard enough time sleeping at night, but just know. According to a man who ran the world’s most elite intelligence agencies without an ounce of politics, the situation is infinitely worse how bad we already know it to be!

Perhaps that is why the New York Times tax story has shaken to the country to the core, since this interview took place before the Times broke the story. He was likely referring to just a portion of what came out in the NYT story. And maybe it’s best to recall, Trump owes $421 million dollars to someone in five years. Then consider Brennan’s words. Perhaps it starts to come together.

We don’t know for sure, but we sure know what it looks like.


Peace, y’all
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