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Fox News Founder Rupert Murdoch Says Biden Will Beat Trump in a Landslide on Election Day

Australian media mogul Rupert Murdoch is many things: With a net worth of at least $17.7 billion, he controls a media empire that includes Fox News, The Times of London, and The Wall Street Journal. He’s dealt with a major phone-hacking scandal that roiled journalism in the UK for the better part of a decade. He is a man who is not well-beloved by many respected journalists, and for good reason. He is also, for the most part, the man who made Trump what he is today.

But despite all that, he’s even backing away from President Donald Trump. Why? Because he’s upset at Trump’s complete mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic, TheDailyBeast reports. People who have talked to Murdoch say the 89-year-old billionaire believes that Trump is his own worst enemy, that he’s refused to listen to expert advice on how best to handle the pandemic, and that he’s creating an inescapable crisis for his own administration.

For part of the story, DailyBeast decided to email Murdoch to ask him if he believes Biden will defeat Trump by a landslide and also asked for his thoughts on Trump’s handling of the pandemic. Murdoch, however, decided to remain mum, saying “no comment except I’ve never called Trump an idiot,” in reference to a 2018 report that reported he criticized Trump on his immigration efforts and called him a “f*cking idiot.”

Well, if he did call Trump that, he wouldn’t be alone. I generally call him that daily as do a lot of other people I know.

But even though Murdoch apparently believes a Biden win is a done deal, his tabloid, The New York Post seems to be doing everything in its power to ensure Trump wins. By doing things like running a story on Biden’s “Secret E-mails,” which provided “smoking gun” emails that purportedly show that Hunter Biden introduced his dad to a Ukrainian businessman while he was Vice President. The Post, however, relied on unverified documents given to them by Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s flying monkey/attorney. And Biden’s team is denying this meeting took place.

Over the last several months, Murdoch has grown increasingly frustrated with Trump, even to the point of considering lending his support to then-Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg, one unnamed Murdoch executive told TheDailyBeast. Even to the point of firing off two tweets in his support for a Bloomberg presidential run.

But Murdoch has long been fond of Bloomberg:

Now it looks like Murdoch is certain Biden will be the next president, telling one associate “after all that has gone on, people are ready for Sleepy Joe.”

While he has at some points tried to polish Trump’s tarnished image, he’s never been completely on his bandwagon, even to the point of tweeting “When is Donald Trump going to stop embarrassing his friends, let alone the whole country?”

My guess is that the only time this will happen is after Trump’s death, and even then I’m assuming a bunch of unknown gory and embarrassing details about this man’s life will still come out. Only then will he be consigned to the dustbin of the notoriously infamous, where he’ll have lots of company.

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