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Glenn Beck Claims That the 2020 Election is a Battle Against ‘Satan Himself’

We have often said in our reporting that it’s best to keep in mind that the MAGA heads see YOU as the ultimate enemy, not the Chinese, or Iranisans, even ISIS or Russians (especially not Russians), none of those people are the “enemy” to the MAGA head than you, the non-Trumper, whether “RINO,” “Democrat,” or Bernie Sanders. They hate us so much that it hurts, it is unbelievably dangerous to the nation – if we even want to be a nation anymore. But even we underestimated the stakes and the hatred. We weren’t quite ready to hear what Glenn Beck had to say.

You, my progressive, liberal, Democratic friend, either are Satan or represent Stan. This election isn’t just about Trump versus Biden, it’s not science versus bullshit, conservatism versus liberalism, no, none of that regular boring stuff. It is about good people like Glenn Beck against …SATAN.

That does sound a lot like normal Glenn Beck. As you might well have suspected, the internet had some fun with Glenn back and his view.

We see a lot of truth expressed here on this one. It is never enough for Republicans to just believe they have a better idea for the nation and how to run it, it’s always biblical:

That is one of the ironies, if there’s ever been a president that represents the 7 deadly sins with greater efficiency, we haven’t seen him.

We have a great existential question that should be asked, most involve economic policy. After all, it is religion that sort of makes abortion an issue in the first place, like whether your religious views trump the woman actually pregnant. But it’s the economic issue that fascinated us.

Here is something new to consider. Is socialism satanic?

We always thought that socialism, while well-intended, was perhaps just a bit of an inefficient economic theory. It never occurred to us – trump’s actual followers – that it was That big a deal!

Yes! Yes, there is some doubt, at least here! Not sure about there. We truly do doubt that Satan loves him some socialism. We honestly never gave it much thought but it would seem like any economic situation in which one guy with enough money to buy a yacht bigger than a house, sails by people too poor to eat, that would seem to make a guy like Satan happy. Isn’t money the root of all evil?

Regardless, careful with your vote this week, you don’t want to re-elect … Satan.


Peace, y’all
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