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Gloating Trump Holds Suspected Russian Disinformation in Sick Oval Office Photo and Americans are Disgusted

Not a lot gets by us. But, by total volume, it can happen.

Two days ago a tweet appeared, showing Trump holding a copy of the New York Post – which is, essentially, the only news organization other than Fox (see our Maria Bartiromo story) covering the “sudden” finding of a laptop belonging to … Hunter Biden. Now, where have we heard this story before, a laptop appearing at the last minute filled with all kinds of weird stuff that “must be examined …” It sounds so weird, like the Star Wars movies that always end up with blowing up Death Stars.

Second verse, same as the first … Per CNN:

President Donald Trump and his allies have used this topic to smear the Bidens over the past year and seized on the recent articles to attack Biden in the final weeks of the presidential election. The specific new allegations touch on the same topics as the Kremlin’s ongoing disinformation campaign against the Bidens, which the US intelligence community said this summer was intended to weaken Biden’s candidacy against Trump.

Except for the fact that this time we were warned, and warned, and warned. The CIA reported in July, to the Director of National Intelligence that this type of stuff was coming. We were told that Trump didn’t want to hear it, because it’s all fake news, we’re sure. We are sure because the U.S. government is sure.

Giuliani has spent the past year openly colluding with controversial Ukrainian officials to smear Joe Biden and spread disinformation about Hunter Biden. To this end, Giuliani collaborated with current and former Ukrainian officials, including one that the US says is a Russian agent and was sanctioned by the Treasury Department, and a second who had his visa revoked by the State Department.

Yeah, no shit? “I need a favor, though.”

Giuliani’s own attorney, Robert Costello, told CNN on Wednesday he received a tip from the person in the Delaware computer shop via an email to one of Giuliani’s company addresses in late August. Costello said this person gave him a copy of the hard drive in late August or early September, which Costello then began sifting through.

You mean a tip like they got about Anthony Weiner’s laptop? “Second verse, same as the first …”

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But this is just so odd because two days ago, Trump appeared to be holding a copy of the New York Post, so proud, like the dad of a bouncy baby girl that will someday have a great as … never mind, like a proud dad.

And you’ll never guess who posted the picture! A photo emerged on social media. One of the first people to post the image was Andrii Telizhenko, a former Ukrainian diplomat who has worked with Giuliani to spread conspiracies about the Bidens.

Does it look real to you?

White House spokesman Judd Deere told CNN the image of Trump was authentic. Telizhenko did not answer questions about how he obtained the photo, which was taken in the Oval Office.

Authentic picture of what? Trump? The Oval Office? The front of the New York Post?

Do you start to see how lawyers think? At least a bit? Everything about this story stinks to high hell and one can tune pianos for a living and can tell that this isn’t adding up at all. Yet again, we say, it would be wonderful to have a U.S. election decided by U.S. voters without manipulation from outside sources doing “outside work.”

As you could imagine, Twitter is sickened:


Peace, y’all
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