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Insane Trump Just Pretended He’s a Rock Star and Threw His Tie into the Crowd at Iowa Rally

Sweet baby Jesus wearing a long red tie to compensate.

Anyone saying that there is anything normal or “normal insane” about Donald Trump is not watching the man, or his Twitter feed lately. This is a man who had a brush with death and it just made him feel more alive, that and the steroids that have him raging kinda like Superman. He would be wearing a cape, only some asshole aide said that he’d be “25th Amended in 25 minutes if he ripped open a shirt with Superman under it.”

So Trump’s trying his best. He wants the crowds to know that he no longer gives a fck. He is going to win. Can’t you tell? How could a man act this carefree if he thought for one second that he’d lose?

When we say “carefree” we do mean “care free.” He is in Iowa tonight, you know, one of those sorta northern mid-west states where COVID is going up, fast, faster now that he’s doing rallies? One does appreciate that he IS doing rallies, right? They might be outside, so long as it ain’t that cold (which, ironically, the cold helps the virus stay nice and together a bit longer as it travels). Just today we reported on a story from Bemidji Minnesota where they traced nine COVID cases directly to a Trump rally. Given that Trump has spent two weeks convalescing and infusing (something strong) IV, it must have been a bit ago, and with only 20 days left till the election, Trump probably figures what the hell right? They won’t die or get sick until a day or two before the election and no one will figure out that I killed them.

Anyway, getting back to the rally and crazy. Trump evidently thinks he really is a rock star now, the type that takes something off and throws it to a woman. Some woman that security will find during his concer… speech, and bring her backstage during a break, you know? No, we don’t know. We don’t know why he did what he did, we only know he did it – and this is a first:

Yeah, that tie has COVID infused through and through. Someone will likely put it on, others will want to touch it. It’s just that much more effective spread. Because don’t worry, they have a cure for COVID now, which is news to the almost one-thousand that died today. But Trump is having his rally. A few hundred thousand dead is a small price to pay (for Donald Trump) to stay in power.


Peace, y’all
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