Kayleigh McEnany, WH Press Secretary: AT CAMPAIGN EVENT, Screams ‘We Can Beat the Media!’

One could teach a class on how to start a fascist dictatorship watching these people, fortunately, most people prefer spending their time figuring out how to vote, vote early, and vote after standing line if needed, all to get rid of these people.

Yet again, of course, we must remind people – because this White House doesn’t care for laws generally and this one in particular – that it is, of course, against the law for a federal employee to engage in campaigning. The only two exemptions are the president and vice president who happen to be running for office, easy enough to discern. This is called The Hatch Act and it is known by every federal employee because they all get introduced to it in orientation.

Kayleigh McEnany came over to the White House not that long ago, just months ago from the campaign – where she was free to say whatever she wanted, so long as she didn’t offend the FEC or SPCA. Kayleigh was supposed to take over as White House press secretary. As the name implies, Kayleigh’s job is to serve both the White House and the press. No one is naive enough to think that Kayleigh or any press secretary isn’t going to put the White House “spin” on things. But they’re not supposed to declare war on the media, either.

It was bad enough when the White House Correspondents Association had to put up with Kayleigh’s lectures on how to do their jobs, then getting their asses chewed out by some 30 year old, on the job four months, all to walk off in a huff.  Yes, that was bad enough.

But now they have to watch Kayleigh McEnany – WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY – “say a few words” at a Donald Trump rally. (Kayleigh, may we remind you, tested positive for COVID not long ago). Guess which words Kayleigh had to say?

“Kayleigh? Say a couple of words,” Trump implored, after slamming the media yet again, not long after bizarrely calling two members of the White House press corps “criminals” for failing to report on the news the way he wanted.

“Let me tell you this, guys,” McEnany said teeing up a companion assault on the press. “With your help, we can beat social media, we can beat the media, because we have the greatest fighter in the history of this country in President…Donald…J. … Trump!”

WE pay her salary to facilitate getting information to the media, not “fighting a war with the media.” These people can teach a class on how to build a fascist dictatorship out of a peaceful liberal democracy. Make the media – the truth-tellers – the “enemy of the people.”


Peace, y’all
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