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Sarah Palin Puts Out Most Insane Video EVER (And That’s Saying a Lot) Threatening Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski

We had a slightly different view of Sarah Palin than most progressives, back in the day.

She never sought out the Vice Presidency, they sort of sought out her. The ticket needed excitement, it was going up against the most dynamic, intelligent, and careful black candidate in all of history. He wasn’t going to  make a mistake and he was doing everything right. The McCain campaign had to take a risk. They knew it.

There was a new governor in Alaska. We admit, that there are city council members in Sacramento that represent more people than the governor of Alaska, but it’s still executive experience. She seemed dynamic, different. Where the McCain campaign really really went wrong was in vetting her. That was not Sarah Palin’s fault.

It is not her fault that she’s dumber than the average Walmart greeter and got elected anyway. It was not her fault that she is/was attractive (which – if the McCain campaign was honest, was 66% of the deal, right there), it was not her fault that she was hopelessly out of her league – all that was on the McCain campaign.

Where we started to find fault in her was when she turned her little foray into national politics into a business, now that was an issue. She could’ve gone back to Alaska, been governor, then maybe run for Senate, and who knows, be a real politician. Instead, she chose to make cash. That’s on her.

Today, we have something to post so strange that it defies description, even by us – and we’re pretty good at describing stuff. We will see you below with some responses:

WTF? “This is my house? Is she selling it? I’ll buy it, $45, cash, by noon today – take it or leave it.

No one else could figure it out, either:

Terrifying and absolutely true.

Apparently this video is a threat to Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski that Palin could run against her in 2022. Because Murkowski isn’t a Trumper? And also that Palin really loves her house?


Peace, y’all
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