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Social Media Has STILL Not Finished Mocking Trump’s Disastrous Town Hall Downfall

Remember that these two men were originally scheduled to be in the same place and at the same time.

Well, try to imagine how well that might’ve gone for Trump? It would be like dueling banjos with one guy being Steve Martin and the other guy being Bill Murray.

Donald Trump was bad. He was historically bad. He was so bad that people winced, turned the channel out of embarrassment for him – some people are very uncomfortable seeing others being humiliated, it had to hurt the ratings – Trump was so bad in part because Savannah Guthrie was just so damned good. We let NBC have it yesterday for even granting Trump the time. We have a new policy, any time they want to put Trump on TV to answer Savannah Guthrie’s questions and follow-ups, it’s not a problem.

It is very hard to tell how Joe Biden did last night. We suspect it is because Joe Biden calmly and nicely asked questions posed by the crowd and didn’t trip all over himself about why he retweeted shit about Democrats eating babies. Savannah Guthrie was Trump’s worst enemy, representing everything he resents in humanity: A member of the media, in search of the truth, a woman, a woman far more intelligent than him, a woman unintimidated by the “alpha man” that Trump believes himself to be, a woman that is attractive – the kind Trump likes to be “aggressive” with, a woman who was prepared and had done her homework, a woman after the truth, and a woman that wouldn’t take his non-answers and get away with it. Trump will be seeing Savannah Guthrie in his dreams for the next few years, even in his cell.

And maybe that’s why social media still hasn’t quit talking about how much ass Guthrie kicked last night:

Here’s how you know she was very good. The Republicans are complaining she was so “unfair.”

You know you were good when other news outlets are reporting you are good:

Again, when conservatives are complaining it is a great sign. By the way, when one audience member starts her question by saying that he’s so handsome when he smiles, maybe it is time for the moderator to step in?

And the summary from the Atlantic’s James Fallows:


Peace, y’all
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