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Trump Admits He Voted to Send a ‘Proud Islamophobe’ to Congress in His Home District

Alt-right conspiracy theorist and “proud Islamophobe” Laura Loomer has been permanently banned from Twitter for hate speech and has also done things like getting herself banned from Uber and Lyft after ranting that she couldn’t find a non-Muslim driver, which she claimed, made her miss a press conference. She also climbed over the fence at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s home, where she marched around outside protesting immigration. She’s even interrupted a congressional hearing to protest being bounced from Twitter and compared the loss of her verified status to the beginning of the holocaust.

So of course President Donald Trump likely supports her. Are you even the least bit surprised? Trump has even gone so far as to use her email list to drum up money, DailyDot reports. And on Saturday after casting his ballot in West Palm Beach, Florida he took off for a campaign rally in Ohio. As per usual, as soon as he landed reporters had questions for him and some wanted to know who he voted for.

“Voted straight Republican,” was his reply.

It’s customary for presidents to vote for their own party, but the fact that Trump likely voted for a woman who’s been kicked off of most social media platforms due to hate speech gives one a bit of pause.

Loomer, fortunately, has little chance of winning in this largely Democratic district. Polls show her opponent, Democratic incumbent Lois Frankel has a two-to-one lead over her. But with Loomer’s history and the fact that she hangs out with Sandy Hook denier Alex Jones and scammer Jacob Wohl, might make you think Trump would avoid her.

But you’d be wrong. And former Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs noted on his Twitter feed that this didn’t dissuade Trump from supporting Loomer.

“In case there was any doubt, this confirms that Trump voted for Laura Loomer,” he wrote.

There is the possibility that Trump didn’t vote in that particular race, or that he just plain lied, giving his habit of doing so when it suits him. But Loomer herself believes he did, posting on the right-wing site Parler Sunday that “President Trump just voted for me in Florida!”

But then Trump is a notable Islamophobe and The Washington Post noted he has quoted a widely debunked poll from an anti-Islamic organization that purported a quarter of Muslims living in the U.S. support violence against Americans as part of global jihad.

“We have people out there that want to do great destruction to our country, whether it’s 25 percent or ten percent or five percent, it’s too much,” Trump told CNN, per the Post.

He also shared this disgusting tweet:

It looks like Trump and Loomer deserve each other. Hopefully, on Election Day, they will both be a couple of losers.

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