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Trump Claims That Prior to COVID, People Who Hated Him Called Saying the Country Was SO United

Normally, people figure that Donald Trump is forever talking about phone calls that never happened because he’s always getting calls from people around the country and foreign leaders wondering how he does it, how does he do the great job he does?

Now, the instant reaction is to simply chalk it up as another lie – of course, it is because that’s what Donald Trump does, he lies. He is a salesman (a bad one) and has never had something bad to sell, only the greatest, “like no one has ever seen, quite frankly,” “believe me,” and he said “Sir, this big guy that’s never cried in his life is crying, telling me how I saved his marriage because his wife pretends it’s me in bed …” … Okay, we’ll settle down.

The point is everyone figures that he’s lying about absolutely every phone call he ever talks about in which he says people were saying such great things about him.

Except, he might be telling the truth.

Think about it, if YOU wanted something from the [current] president of the United States, like … oh, a phone call to Steven Mnuchin about writing a check for $22 million to cover the salaries of 4,500 employees you don’t have, but will, eventually, somehow. How would you approach a phone call like that? Would you talk about the great difficulties he’s had in bringing people together? Oh hell, no. Quite the opposite, you would say something like, “that virus that some damned smart Chinese Democrat deep stater developed is what did all this. You would be up 20 points if it weren’t for that guy. But don’t worry. I know the guy doing the polls, you’re actually up 20, and we can probably get it to 25 in the next week if I just can get some time with him. We are pretty sure we know who developed the virus and he’s maybe willing to say it was Biden’s idea. But I need some start up money to get it moving. Now, can I get that phone call to Mnuchin here …?”

Would it be any different if you were a foreign leader wanting something from the United States? Would you say, “Sir, I am really tired of you treating my country some backward place where we do nothing but herd goats …” No, “You’d say, we need you to come to our country and do what you’ve done with America, unite it like never before …”

So we’re almost sure that he DOES get phone calls like this … maybe:

Now, not to be the party-pooper here, but whoever might’ve made that phone call must not have noticed that he was being impeached – quite properly, so properly that even a guy within his party, the one with nothing to fear, voted guilty. Impeachment has happened like three times in the entirety of the nation’s history. That’s not exactly “unity” and the Democrats were pretty pissed off that they weren’t even allowed to call witnesses or put on evidence.

That’s the “pre-COVID America that we recall. You? But those phone calls …  they might’ve happened.


Peace, y’all
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