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Trump Delivers His Most Ominous Threat Yet to Critic Miles Taylor, ‘Bad Things are Going to Happen to Him!’

There are some legitimate reasons to be somewhat skeptical of Miles Taylor, primarily due to the fact that he worked relatively high-up (chief of staff) at DHS for quite some time without becoming a whistleblower or going public earlier – such as when he learned that Trump didn’t want to give federal aid to California after the fires because the state didn’t support him. Trump couldn’t think of a rationale why he should support the state. Taylor might have done well to come out then.

But now that Miles Taylor has come forward (approximately one month ago), he has been a force of nature, not letting back in telling the truth about what happened behind the scenes in the Trump administration, namely the gross incompetence, even with respect to the very simple things. Trump staring at a hurricane map, not concentrating on the damage it might do to what area of the country, but interested in whether they all spin in the same direction. Ask a 13 year old, they’ll explain, yes, unless one is in the southern hemisphere!

Well, as you know, Trump isn’t happy about this. Miles Taylor is apparently confused about the rules. Trump puts down whomever he wants on any given day, but god help anyone who dares to criticize Donald Trump. That is not how things are supposed to work!

But Trump just crossed a line that even he shouldn’t cross. Honestly, even Donald John Trump should know better than to do this:

I guess one positive takeaway is that Trump has another role confused, Google is currently a bigger property than the United States and could likely tell Trump what to do and who to fire far more so than the other way around. But the warning that bad things are about to happen to Taylor is so far over the line that it’s shocking that even donald Trum hs said similar things in the past, we don’t recall one being quite that direct or ominous.

Think of what Trump controls and what Trump could do to a person he was committed to hurting. Trump could have the IRS sicced on Miles Taylor and just about everyone makes some kind of mistake on their taxes (not major ones) that could be “construed” as important. Trump could accuse Taylor or misusing his position at DHS, and we’re not even getting into some of the uglier things Trump can arrange or even the result of stochastic terrorism – whereby Trump’s supporters take things into their own hands.

This is dangerous, and Trump should pay a big price for it, especially if something comes of it.


Peace, y’all
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