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Trump Family is Going Nuts on Social Media, Furious that Their ‘October Surprise’ is a Big Fat DUD

Do you have any idea how long it took to set up a situation where a fairly troubled son, one who had some substance abuse issues – perhaps because his mother was killed so early in his life, along with his sister, – one never knows. But Hunter Biden spent his life trying to live up to having the last name “Biden.” His brother Beau seemed to deal with it differently. We’re all different and really, none of us know how we’d respond to the challenges those men faced.

So Hunter traveled the world some – he graduated from Yale law school, and – newsflash, people with degrees from one of two of the best law schools in the country tend to do fairly well. They do get invited to be on boards of directors, especially if their dad has a last name and is powerful. But what kept getting in the way was that Joe Biden was trying to get rid of the prosecutor that would NOT prosecute the corrupt company of which Hunter was a part. That and just about all of NATO wanted the guy gone, so it’s not like Joe was doing something corrupt. In other words, they had the corruption backward! That takes a lot of work to sort out!

But do you know how hard it is to make it LOOK corrupt? It takes effort! “I need a favor, though …” It takes some favors from Russians, who the CIA report to Trump “Rudy and Ron Johnson are about to bring you disinformation straight from the Kremlin, probably only to have Trump hold his ears yelling “I don’t hear you, blah blah blah!”

So when you put THAT MUCH work and money into an “October surprise” and no one gives a fck because we heard all about it last February, and the CIA says it’s all bullshit – helpfully published by the New York Times – it just doesn’t have the oomph that they counted upon. They’re pissed about it!

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CIA agent Ron Johnson is supposed to be taken seriously:

Eric implies something: Eric, do you know how much U.S. Senators get to charge for speeches? Do you know how old Joe Biden is? Do you know if he’s made good investments – you should, because he published his taxes:


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