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Trump Suggests He Won ‘3 or 4’ Nobel Peace Prizes When He Hasn’t Even Won One

Even we are tired of writing our rules for winning the Nobel Peace Prize, we’re sort of obligated at this point. Of course, like Fight Club, Number One rule, don’t talk about the Nobel Peace Prize. Everyone who’s ever read our site knows this by heart now to the point that everyone here is more likely to win a Nobel Peace Prize than Donald Trump, not that it wasn’t always so.

Trump is so damned obsessed with winning the Nobel Peace Prize that he wouldn’t shut up about it having been nominated once in 2018 and once in 2020, both times by one guy. And, we cannot stress this enough, there are about 1,000 people who can “nominate” someone for the Nobel Peace Prize. It only takes “one” person and you’ve been nominated. It has happened to Trump twice. One person. This is not like the Academy Awards where a nomination is a huge honor in and of itself.

You might have noticed that the actual winner of the Nobel Peace prize for 2020 the World Food Programme, never mentioned that they were nominated for the prize, but that likely is because they did not know they were nominated. Their nominees didn’t put out press releases the way the dude that nominated Trump did. The World Food Programme never mentioned that they wanted the Peace Prize not just because they know Rule number one, but because they don’t do their work in the hope of winning a Nobel Prize. They hope to feed people. What little peace “work” Trump does, he does in the hope of winning the prize.

Tonight, in Florida, Trump implied that he’s won “3 or 4” as if it is very difficult to keep track anymore. There have been exactly six organizations or people that have won more than one, there is one organization that has one three peace prizes – you might have heard of them, it is the Red Cross. Listen to this bullshit:

And in case you missed it there:

It is just like anything Trump. If you want something or are pissed off for having never been awarded it, just claim you have. I am sure tomorrow someone in the White House will say he was either “kidding” or that he meant “nominated” – which is not even true, he’s been nominated twice, both times for far-right whack jobs in Norway.

Anyone else would die of embarrassment right there. In fact, it’s almost amazing he’s still alive right now. In fact, it’s almost not fair that he’s still …

One thing about him that he’s never figured out, even IF he were to have brought about peace in the Middle East, which he hasn’t but let’s pretend. Let’s say that he even convinced that North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons program (two things that would promote world peace), let’s pretend he had. If one destroys democracy in the United States, weakens NATO, and sort of lights the United States on fire by declaring LAW AND ORDER while not assuring people a peaceful transition – that will rule you out. It will cancel out every other peaceful thing a person may or may not have done.

If he doesn’t die of embarrassment soon, we’re going to start …


Peace, y’all
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