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Trump Tells Campaign Workers That People Are ‘Tired’ of Hearing About COVID From ‘Fauci and All These Idiots’

One of the things you’ll find about many diseases, they are unbelievably patient. They are in no hurry to get around the world, they’ll take their time. They know that they don’t have a mind, which makes it far easier to not realize that ten months have passed since that slice of RNA first appeared on the scene in the U.S. They don’t have to wear masks, they don’t have to miss football games, they don’t have to make threats to Dr. Fauci (they are a threat to Dr. Fauci, he knows better than anyone). They just bide their time and find a way into your lungs. From there, only then is it time to get busy replicating itself.

Trump knows this his voters are fcking tired of having to deal with a stupid disease that they can even cure! Look at Trump! He isn’t dead(er). That’s why in a phone call with his campaign staff today, Trump let them have it, that their last two-week message, going into voting day, wouldn’t have fck all to do with COVID because COVID is OVER – haven’t YOU watched a football game from down south yet? They’re letting people in the stands! Not a lot, but some …

Yeah mother ffffff, Fauci’s been here studying medicine for 500 years (As opposed to you, who’s never made it passed 500 seconds) and had he been around during the Plague, the accompanying economic depression might have only lasted one-hundred years and not three hundred and fifty, but who’s counting, right? History NEVER repeats itself, right, Ace? Think we’re past the days of 100-year economic depressions? Don’t tempt fate, just because you might get a COVID vaccine doesn’t mean the economy will immediately return …

Your fans don’t want to hear about COVID because A) They know you don’t have a plan for COVID, so it’s a waste of rally time, B) They figure COVID will kill someone else who weighs 340 and whose blood pressure is 210 over 110, and C) FOOTBALLLLLL!!!!

But it’s mostly that first one, Ace. We aren’t here to put down the group intelligence of anyone, even the MAGA heads. After all, they figured out you don’t have a plan.

Take a listen:


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