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Trump Tells Seniors in ‘The Villages’ That Biden Will Take Away Their A/C During the Summer

We believe that we’ve been the only website that has noted that there is no law that says technological progress only goes one direction. Science has aided in that proclivity, we do seem to have a good bit of steam moving forward, still – it’s not impossible to go backward.

Rome had quite a thing going, canals, roads, banking, lots of good stuff, then came some real bad leadership, a plague, and then a depression – you might have heard of it, it was truly “THE Great Depression,” it was called the Dark Ages and it lasted 350 years, give or take.

So maybe it’s not all that crazy that Trump is saying it’s possible we could go back to the dark ages. It’s only crazy when he says that he needs to be the one to ensure that we don’t.

You see, Trump was speaking this evening at The Villages, a very prominent, very wealthy, retirement area in Florida. Trump needs to win “The Villages” if he plans on winning Florida because this is generally a Republican crowd, but they’re also – unfortunately – the crowd that is most susceptible to Trump’s unforgivably uncaring approach to COVID.

What to do?

Well, he can try telling people at the Villages that life – should they be fortunate to survive COVID – will be worse under Biden as president.

And everyone would have to give all of their money to immigrants – all of it – because we need to be a friendlier, more welcoming people. Besides, after what we did under Trump, seems like the least we can do.

Since many of the people who live at The Villages are Canadian, we are thinking that they believe that they suddenly can endure the cold in the winter after all – at least they’d have heat in Canada, ha ha.

It is to the point now where people have to believe that Trump is insulting their intelligence, right? Let’s put it this way, anyone who heard this claim, and did not believe that it insulted their intelligence – had insufficient intelligence to be insulted in the first place.

Notice that no Republican ever emphasizes the advantages to going green? That we don’t have to dig deeper into the ocean and artic for oil every year? That we don’t have to invent new “Categories” for hurricanes, “We anticipate a Cat 7, or average for this time of year, and everyone within a 500 mile radius should get out of the path of the storm …” things like that?

Maybe Floridians will start doing the reverse Canadian thing and start moving to Canada. After all, homes are more valuable when the ground floor doesn’t have two feet of water in it. And when Toronto has the climate of New Orleans, well – Toronto was nice even when it was cold.


Peace, y’all
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