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Trump Threatens to Leave the Country if He Loses to Biden, ‘The Worst Candidate in the History of Politics’

They say that it’s not when Trump lies when he is most dangerous, it is when he tells the truth. He does have a habit of giving people a warning when he’s planning something huge – that will not be popular with most – that he’s planning something, because he likes to be able to point back at things as justification, almost like “I warned you that I was …”

It is one of the reasons why we are watching the talk about the third term during the campaign so closely, the term he thinks he deserves because he spent his entire first term fighting off Russian accusations. It was practically “taken from me,,” he couldn’t do anything, except appoint 300 judges, three SCOTUS judges, a tax cut, and “more done in one term than any other president, it’s not even close” – and yet he deserves a third term because he spent so much time fighting off the Russia, Russia, Russia, thing – mostly because Russia helped him win. One thing he did NOT do? Investigate Russian assistance.

We have gotten used to Trump saying he’s the greatest president in history. Of course, he is. IF he didn’t say that, it would mean someone was better than him. Of course, most, presidents are still too dead to come back and debate the matter. He did admit the other day that the late, great, Abraham Lincoln might have been better. Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, hell – Obama, were never brought up, not worth Trump’s time.

Tonight, he might damn well have told a partial truth, and it’s a bit scary. He said that if he lost, he will have lost to the worst candidate of all time. He said this, of course, as the worst president of all time and thus also the worst candidate of all time. One of three impeached presidents, the only one who wouldn’t allow evidence, and the only candidate looking to stack the court in case it’s needed – to be in the good graces of the Federalist Society.

We are used to him lying about being the best canddate against the worst candidate. It is the part that is likely true that ought to give us nightmares because I don’t think he was just kidding around saying this. I think it’s part of the plan and he just said it out loud.

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Ummm, let’s do some speculation. Let’s say it is about January 5th and Trump is clearly out of options, he’s tried it all, lost, and is two weeks away from losing power.

He pardons his entire family and staff, they will give up all 5th Amendment rights in accepting it. They won’t admit to any crimes. The excuse will be that “because the democrats will make up something …” the pardons are necessary. Then he resigns the presidendy to Mike Pence for fifteen days or whatever. In exchange to let Pence be “president” for a couple of weeks, he makes a deal for yet ANOTHER pardon from Pence – so now he has double pardons. He doesn’t just have to rely on his own.

Trump will then get on his own plane with a weird flight plan filed, saying he’s going to Florida or something, but the flight plan makes little sense and no one really pays attention because of all the news going on. He gets on the plane with a lot of cash – A LOT of cash – and flies to some country with which he already has some bank relationships. That country will have very very difficult extradition issues with the U.S., like … Saudi Arabia, or Cyprus. He won’t go to Russia, too obvious and too cold to golf, but he WILL go somewhere where it is easy to keep the media away (a dictatorship) and hard to get him out and he’ll do it out of pure desperation. Saudi Arabia might be a good choice because he may have just as much on MBS as MBS has on him. Quite obviously, most of his family will go with him, except maybe not Melania, maybe not Tiffany.

Pence SHOULD use the opportunity to fck with Trump and go down as one of the most significant presidents in history, even only serving two weeks or whatever. He should wait until the resignation is signed and Pence himself is sworn in, then Pence should announce he’s not giving the pardon. Instead, he’s withdrawing Trump’s self-serving pardon (let the courts sort it out). He orders the largest investigation in history into Donald Trump, including swearing an affidavit to an FBI agent, taken to a judge for an arrest warrant, that Pence witnessed a crime such that Trump is immediately arrested and taken in front of a judge. Pence knows Trump’s real plans and has DOJ tell the judge. DOJ asks the judge to take the passport, order an ankle bracelet, no planes, all that. Given that Trump was planning on fleeing the country, the judge offers a $50 million bond – cash – and Trump must stay at Mar-a-Lago, no travel at all. 

That’s the dream scenario, the more likely one is that Trump is gone the moment his plane’s wheels are an inch off the ground. Much more likely, Trump’s plan works perfectly and he’s in Doha, Dubai, or some Saudi city within a day.

At no point will Trump admit he did anything wrong! He will claim victimhood the entire time. “The Democrats spied on him all along,” “no president was ever treated worse,” “they will make up against me” and “wait till you read MY book with the TRUTH in it! He will beg the MAGAs to continue fighting in his name … it starts to make a little too much sense, yes?


Peace, y’all
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