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Trump, Who Refuses to Show His Taxes, Declares Joe Biden a NATIONAL SECURITY THREAT

We want to be very clear about two things here.

One, there are two countries on earth that would even have the ability to really hurt us militarily, primarily in space, where any next war will be fought – Russia and China.

1.Trump has the strangest relationship with Russia. Half his campaign team “seemingly was charged with lying about Russia” and Trump is the only presidential candidate in some time that wrote fan mail to Putin. He heard that Russia had bounties on the head of US soldiers, instead of saying “Confirm this immediately, I want an update in 48 hours,” he said it was fake news. When every intelligence agency said Russia helped him win, he fired the heads of those agencies.

2.China. Trump was soooo preoccupied with getting a good trade deal with China that he didn’t want to hurt their feelings about COVID. You remember all those quotes, “China is doing a great job,” “China is transparent,” all that stuff. Even further back, during G-7 meetings in France, he announced being very close to a fair trade policy … that lifted markets, which seemed to be the only, reason he did so. He once said that he really had a great relationship with China because “they treated me so nicely,” as if anyone gives a fck how he’s treated.

Trump accused Biden of being a national security risk:

They blocked it because our intelligence communities have known it has been coming for six weeks now, that it’s all bullshit, was supposed to be the big “October surprise” only it surprised no one. Everyone understands what is going on.

At each and every point, one senses – because it is obvious – that Trump does what is best for Trump, and whatever happens to or for the U.S. is a secondary issue that he’ll handle with his salesmanlike bullshit. Here is what we KNOW, without regard for politics. Joe Biden is NOT a national security risk to the United States.

The man who tweets out classified pictures because they are cool, IS a national security risk. Social media had a few responses:


Peace, y’all
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