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Watch Kamala Harris Grill Amy Coney Barrett — You Can See That Barrett is Angry and HATES Harris

We have mentioned quite a few times over the last few days in our reporting that Amy Coney Barrett is the perfect Anthony Scalia replacement, Alito clone, Thomas-joining, Kavanaugh outsmarting, type of candidate.

I mean, just look at her! Unlike Kavanaugh, who looks like he’s raped someone at some point and drinks six beers at six o’clock, Barrett looks like the woman you stand beside in the bleachers clapping your hands at the traveling softball team on which your daughter plays (if one is rich enough).

But she is not what she appears, she is ready to get dirty and we do NOT mean in a good way, indeed – we’re pretty sure that’s never happened.

Thankfully, we Democrats have our own mom cheering beside us at that same game, rocking the Chuck Taylors, looking cool and fun, like all the girls and happy to talk about anything with all the other parents. All these women have I.Q.s high enough such that their husbands are happy to hit the square root. Ours goes by Kamala Harris and she looks just as harmless. But she ain’t harmless, nor harmful, just highly effective.

Harris’s work is done with just as much efficiency, just as little regard for what you happen to think, and far more effective than our law professor turned judge by those conservatives who are in love with one of the four women that conservative in this country.

Want to know how well Harris did her job today? The reviews are in:

That word, “debatable,” is absolutely devastating. It is like saying “You have made your point about the earth going around the sun as being debatable, depending on the case, right, sister?”

Let me offer an explanation. She relies very heavily upon being very pretty. (We are NOT putting down her intelligence or anything about her credentials in saying that), she is used to being grilled by men afraid of looking like a bully against such a nice girl. She is NOT used to be grilled without regard for looking quite nice.

What Harris is really asking is “do you believe that big corporations can be in the wrong? and that science can prove it? Oh, and are you willing to say anything that might bother the people on the other side of the table, or is that not going to happen no matter how dumb a question?”

Translation: It depends upon what side needs the judge to depend on what science. Dah!

This is why Kamala Harris is our rock star because she has every single gift that Any Coney Barrett has, it is just that she doesn’t owe anyone a damn thing for where she happens to be sitting, which cannot be said of the person sitting on the other side of the table.


Peace, y’all
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