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We Found a Picture of Melania Smiling! Just One Problem … She’s Sitting Next to a Former President

We get a lot of praise (and other criticism) for our insistence upon covering Melania. No one else does and Melania has made herself fair game by getting very politically involved whenever it seems to benefit her. In “benefitting her” we include the fact that she incurred hundreds of thousands of dollars per day in deciding to stay in New York until the White House bathroom was sufficient “de-Michelled” and that her pre-nuptial agreement with Trump reflected the amount of money and power she holds over him, which is damned near everything.

We honestly believe that Melania might be the second most powerful person on Earth right now. Vladimir Putin is clearly the first, as he can make policy in two countries (or so it seems), and Melania might be the second because she knows secrets that could bring Trump down in twenty minutes and access to Lesley Stahl in ten. But Melania is a big of an enigma, for someone who has played the game as smart as she has, she has an uncanny talent for playing dumb – so convincing that one wonders what’s fiction and what’s reality, the sign of a great actress with a spot role in the number one show on television.

But one thing that Melania cannot do is act happy. Have you seen it? Has she ever seemed happy to you? Genuinely happy? Granted, most of the time we see her, she’s with Donald Trump and that cannot be pleasant for anyone. But does she ever even crack a smile, like she’s have a great time? Not a real one! She has that “fake” smile down that isn’t even a “good fake,” it’s an obviously fake one – she’d be better off with a glare.

She is a VERY powerful woman, but she’s a shit actress, at least when it comes to happy-sad.

Today, her husband called Obama’s speech “Hate-laced.” Barrack Obama isn’t capable of hatred. He is capable of anger, as anyone looking at over 225,000 deaths should be, but not hatred. Barack Obama is capable of something else, too. He can bring about joy in Melania, a real smile, not the fake one we see around Donald.

We post that for Donald, so he remembers what it looks like when Melania is happy, like a real person, with a real personality. And we warn Trump to not piss Obama off again, do not refer to him as “hate laced” again. Because who says those are the only pictures we have?


Peace, y’all
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