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‘You’re Going To Vote For Trump, Like It Or Not’: Vile Trump Supporter Filmed Threatening Driver in California

The situation at a rally in Beverly Hills for President Donald Trump turned intimidating for one man who was driving by. Supporters at the rally draped in all sorts of Trump paraphernalia, waved giant American flags, a QAnon conspiracy cult flag, and banners that read “Trump 2020” and “Californians for Trump,” and handmade signs read “Asians for Trump,” “Latinos for Trump,” and “Challenge Your Beliefs.”

The New Civil Rights Movement notes the driver filmed the encounter, which shows a rather threatening man ordering the driver to vote for Trump.

“We got you now,” the man says, pointing a small sword with a Trump flag on the end in the driver’s direction. “Your mother voted for Trump.”

“Your mother loves Trump — I asked her,” says Prince Charming. “We got your plates — we got you.”

At that point, a young woman sporting an American flag and wearing a tight-fitting tank top bearing an image of the flag walks by and gives the driver the finger. Then the man strolls to the front of the car, points, and returns to the passenger window where he leans in and begins shouting.

“We got your plates baby. We know who you are now,” he says, a note of threat in his voice. “You’re going to vote for Trump whether you like it or not. You got no choice!”

“You cannot resist Trump, we got you. We f*cking got you,” he says ominously.

As the driver speeds away, someone can be heard yelling “We got her plates.”

Clashes between Trump supporters and protesters have turned deadly. One only has to look at Kyle Rittenhouse’s alleged murder of two protesters in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and The Guardian has compiled dozens of threats or acts of violence carried out by Trump supporters. These acts included threats of kidnapping, threats to kill Democratic representatives, including congressional Democratic Reps. Rashida Tlaib (Michigan) and Ilhan Omar (Minnesota), as well as physical attacks on journalists.

Trump incites violence in his supporters and these people are often dangerous, and Twitter users are weighing in on the frightful situation this driver had to deal with.

Some of those responding included a CNN Senior National Security Correspondent…

…and a reporter for Politico.

And other responses…

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