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BREAKING: Trump Tells Reporters He Won’t Concede…But WILL Leave the White House on Jan 20th

And this is how democracy starts to fray. One makes elections untrustworthy, even ones that were pretty much a blow-out, gotta hold up because there’s “massive fraud” according to Trump.

We’ve said before that there is no rule that the United States must, for the next 4-5 centuries, be a beacon of freedom, a land of law, not of people, where justice comes with scales and is blind. It can all come crashing down. The capital will still be there, same with the SCOTUS, they just won’t function as they’re supposed to. All laws and rulings, everything, will be controlled by the “president,” even the elections. If one simply alters the constitution or ignores it, the two-term thing could even be avoided. The system doesn’t run itself. It takes people committed to do it.

Donald Trump is not committed to it:

So now it appears he’s willing to contest the vote – perhaps all the way to the legislatures, and then perhaps contest the electoral college. Perhaps he believes that if this ends up in the SCOTUS or in the House of Representatives (where every state gets one vote and GOP leads in states) he will actually win. This will not happen, at least it will not happen without the cooperation of hundreds, perhaps thousands, that are probably unlikely to cooperate in such an endeavor because once it is done once, say good-bye to normal elections, it’ll be done every time.

He is an extremely dangerous man right now, cornered and very afraid. Losing the power of the presidency means possibly losing everything. He is capable of near anything, from retiring tomorrow to fighting this to frightening levels.


Peace, y’all
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