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Delusional Trump Goes On Saturday Tweeting Spree and It’s Obvious the Man is Not Well

We have already reported upon Brian Williams’ unmatched summation of Donald Trump’s contribution to the nation’s COVID crisis, as you might imagine, it amounts to basically nothing. He played one hell of a lot of golf.

The country reached a milestone last week that is nothing short of breathtaking and yet – somehow – at least to the MAGA-heads, Trump has seemed to normalize the entire matter, even the shocking number of dead, all leaving behind families wondering why more couldn’t have been done. In ten months, on-quarter of a million Americans have died and we have two to go to make it a year. Additionally, since things didn’t start to get “bad” until late February (we were still going to basketball games, bars, etc. into the first week of March), the one-year mark will come closer to spring, and many of those should be attributed to Trump. Regardless, the numbers hardly matter, the personal stories and personal grief are what matter.

Yet, in looking through Trump’s tweets, one wouldn’t know that anything was amiss, or at least anything but the fact that he is STILL campaigning, sure that he is going to win, despite the fact he won’t show his face in public. Not only are his tweets limited to endorsements (does he charge for them? It is normal for people with a huge number of followers to charge for endorsements), and announcements about developments that will surely show that he won the election, state by state:

Most recent first:

Below, Lindsey did Trump a huge favor, possibly committing a crime in pressuring Georgia’s Secretary of State to throw out legal ballots in an effort to win Georgia. Trump has to have his back:

The only acknowledgment that COVID is a thing:

No one around Trump has ever had a complication, except Trump. Ever notice? No Republican ever experiences symptoms? It’s like the disease doesn’t exist, even for those who test positive. Not even a headache or cough.

This one scares us because the two big legislators from Michigan should not have been meeting with Trump yesterday and definitely should not have been drinking Dom Pergnon until midnight in the bar. What were they still doing there?

RE: Michigan

Not a single thing about COVID shooting up all over the country and following local rules and CDC Guidelines. He has a few about lowering prescription drug prices, but since those were a campaign issue, we figure they’re still very much a campaign issue.

Here is Trump quoting someone…but we aren’t sure who, so it’s probably John Barron or John Miller.

Who is proud of the Space Force?


This is the tweet of a very desperate man:

Here is Trump telling us that Covid is also bad in other countries, as if that somehow absolves him of the horrendous job he has done here in the US:

And this matters…why?

Here is Trump wrapping up the night Twitter against Liz Cheney, a member of his own party who dared to tell the truth:


Peace, y’all
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