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Former Friend Thinks Trump Had a Nervous Breakdown, ‘He Can’t Face the American People as a Loser’

Marketing executive Donny Deutsch is a former friend of President Donald Trump, having known him for at least 30 years and working within the same circles. They are no longer friends, but because he’s known Trump for so long he knows how the president is wired. Or unwired as the case may be.

Appearing Friday on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, where he’s a regular panelist, he was asked about Trump’s behavior in the aftermath of the presidential election, HillReporter notes. He told host Joe Scarborough he thinks Trump’s burned a few circuits and is in the midst of a nervous breakdown.

But right before that, Deutsch couldn’t resist calling former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani’s press conference “absurd” then turned his attention on Trump, Raw Story reports.

“Speaking of pathetic, a little news story that popped up yesterday that didn’t get a lot of attention: Donald Trump is not going to Mar-a-Lago for Thanksgiving,” Deutsch said. “I’m bringing that up for a reason. Mar-a-Lago — I know you and Mika have been there — it’s a safe little haven he goes to, he has 200 of his minions there and they kiss his kneecaps and it’s amazing.”

The fact that Trump is staying put has Deutsch wondering about that possible nervous breakdown.

“I’m wondering has he had a nervous breakdown at the White House,” he said. “He can’t face the American people as a loser. His father said there are killers and losers. What’s going on at the White House? Is he under the covers, walking around in circles? Has he had a breakdown? He’s trying to start this assault yet he is missing, he’s scared, it’s like he’s become a pathetic nonentity.”

Deutsch wrapped up his sentiments by wondering:

“There’s not a lot of stories about what’s going on at the White House, has he fallen apart? I wouldn’t be shocked. I wouldn’t be shocked. It’s like someone put a pin inside, a sword inside, and pulled it out and he completely deflated. What is going on with him? Has he had some sort of a breakdown?”

For myself, I think Trump has been having a nervous breakdown for the last four years. Visions of his screaming, bellicose, orange face have appeared on television screens, in internet posts, and on Twitter this entire time. I fully believe the reason he’s staying at the White House is that he irrationally believes that the Biden team is somehow going to kick him out if he goes to Mar-a-Lago. I can’t think of any other reason for Trump’s behavior.

He knows he’s lost and he’s freaking out. It will be lovely when he leaves the White House in January 2021. I can’t wait.


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