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GOP Rep. Gohmert Ready to Ditch Democracy: ‘You Don’t Need a Majority, Just Enough Ammunition!’

Okay, this story is bad but it is not to be taken seriously. No one ever takes Louis Gohmert seriously and it is one of those “Things Science Will Never Understand” as to how he continues to get elected in a district that begins just east of Shreveport Louisiana (“Welcome to Texas!”). To repeat, no one takes Louis Gohmert seriously, so no matter how offensive his words below, it’s just more insanity that the GOP tolerates because … he votes for the GOP stuff. He is not well.

As reported by the Dallas Morning News, Gohmert claimed to a “Million MAGA March” audience near the White House that “this was a cheated election and we can’t let it stand.” He spoke of the American revolution and the Egyptian uprising: “They rose up though all over Egypt, and as a result of the people rising up in the greatest numbers in history,” he said, and “if they can do that there, think of what we can do here.”

The American Revolution was based upon the colonists’ anger about taxation (a lot of it) without any representation within the government over in England. They were getting treated like shit and being used. They had no say in their government. We still let Gohmert vote in our House and in our elections. Other than that there’s no difference. Besides, the people in Gohmert’s district get all kinds of representation – they get Louis Gohmert, who represents a lot! They just don’t get to decide on their own who will be president. Once in awhile, more people vote for the other guy.

Louis doesn’t care that they’re not the majority, in fact, he presumes they’re not and relishes being part of a minority taking over a government (just as the Founders intended, right?):

 Gohmert was quick to point out that “only about 30%” of American colonists supported that previous revolution. You don’t need a majority in these matters, after all. You just need enough ammunition.

We aren’t sure where he got that 30% figure, likely out of one of the entrances into his digestive tract, but the idea that it’s a great idea in today’s America for a minority – with enough ammunition – to take over the government is … radical? Illegal? Treason? Or is it? Gohmert thinks this is the way to go because he has a long list of conspiracy theories that need to be taken seriously, damn it, and, well, he just would prefer that Trump be president. So it’s time for Democracy to go! It had a great run, but now we’ve got Donald Trump. We have had all the Democracy we ever needed and we finally got it right according to Gohmert. No more elections needed.

By the way, as Gohmert made the statement, he had Jim Jordan and Matt Gaetz standing beside him and neither shoved him away from the microphone. One could consider that support. Gohmert is just the man to say what they’re thinking.


Peace, y’all
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