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How Odd: 24 Hrs After Meeting Trump, Michigan Legislator Warns of Potential ‘Constitutional Crisis’ Over Election Dispute

The goal is for each of the key states, PA, MI, WI, GA, to send two sets of electors, or just a Trump set, or no electors to the electoral college. Everyone who has followed this site knows the goal and how the plan might work out.

Up until a couple of days ago, Michigan House Speaker Lee Chatfield had been saying all the right things. The legislature wouldn’t overturn the will of the voters. There was no chance Michigan would disenfranchise over one hundred thousand voters. Biden won Michigan by 150,000 votes.

Chatfield said all that before he met with Trump on Friday (Why did they meet? What did they have to discuss?) and was seen drinking Dom Perignon at midnight at the bar of the Trump hotel Friday night. Did they not have time to get out of town on a late afternoon or evening flight from one of the THREE airports around DC? Or were they awaiting something, a gift or something? (Total speculation!)

Today, Chatfield is speaking a little differently on Fox Sunday. Tomorrow, Michigan’s state board of electors will meet to certify the election. The board has two Democrats and two Republicans. Speaker Chatfield just referenced all these problems in Wayne County, making the vote problematic. There are no big problems in Wayne County, there are a few tiny ones like in any state, these are concocted problems.

If the Board vote is tied 2-2, Chatfield says that the matter goes to the Michigan Supreme Court. If the Michigan Supreme Court decides there is a constitutional crisis, or that it’s a problem for the legislature, that’s when the legislature steps in. Please note, if Michigan just decides to not send any electors, that’s still a HUGE win for Trump. He is 20 electoral votes closer to Biden.

At that point, Trump would have a model for Georgia to follow, and ultimately, Pennsylvania, or Wisconsin, whatever is needed to get Biden under 270. Once Biden is under 270, the vote goes to the U.S. House of Representatives and each state gets one vote, Trump wins.

It is still highly unlikely. But it is still highly disturbing to hear the words “constitutional crisis” all of a sudden come out of the lips of the Michigan Speaker of the House.


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