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Kayleigh Laughably Claims Trump’s Skipping Thanksgiving at Mar-a-Lago Because He’s Working So Hard

Today Kayleigh McEnany put her “White House Press Secretary” hat on, as opposed to the campaign spokesperson hat, we have reported recently on the fact that despite the obvious illegality, Kayleigh likes to play both roles depending on the situation. Today she was definitely White House spokesperson as she had to address a question on Fox and Friends about why Trump was “bunkering down” in the White House (as we reported last night, his staff says (off the record) that he’s avoiding Mar-a-Lago as part of his bunker pouting routine. We worry he is afraid to leave the White House and is almost laying claim of ownership). He might be afraid to really show his face out among his golfing buddies down in Florida.

So this morning Fox and Friends asked Kayleigh why he wasn’t heading on down to “the Winter White House” (as they LOVE to call it) for Thanksgiving, why the quick change in plans, Kayleigh?

Now you actually have to listen to Kayleigh and her tone of voice to note that her heart just is not in this anymore. Even Kayleigh cannot put out the lies with the gusto she used to achieve so naturally, so happily. Now, she’s going through the motions, and you can hear it in her voice.

Were that not bad enough, Kayleigh is trying to tell us that Trump and Melania are staying in the White House for Thanksgiving because Trump is working too hard. He is working hard on COVID (doing what? That’s new, we haven’t heard a thing about that) and working hard on troop draw-down. (Sounds like something he can do with some phone calls in Mar-a-Lago.) And that’s it. That’s the extent of what Trump’s working hard upon says Kayleigh, which is how you can tell her heart’s not in it – she couldn’t come up with three to four other things he’s doing.

Meanwhile, Trump has tweeted thirteen times this morning, all on the election and various ways he did not lose the election. So Trump spends the entire morning tweeting (because the last one was one hour ago), and tweeted thirteen times about the election, but Kayleigh says he’s hard at work on COVID and troop draw down. She said it twice.

Interestingly, they asked when he might come out and speak – since we’ve seen him all of twice since the election, and Kayleigh said she had no idea, only that it would be at the perfect time. We worry that Trump truly is thinking of the White House as a bunker and he’s at war to keep it, and he’s not leaving, period. He isn’t going to even risk leaving for Thanksgiving. Honestly, that might be the symbolism – he’s staying in that fcking White House and those electoral college voters better know it.



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