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Kayleigh Storms Off After Saying Trump Didn’t Get an Orderly Transition So Biden Doesn’t Deserve One

Kayleigh held her first press conference post-election. It was very short and when Kaitlan Collins asked why Kayleigh wouldn’t take more questions Kayleigh called Kaitlan, CNN’s primary White House correspondent, “an activist.” Typical Kayleigh, no problem talking down and scolding reporters. (Much more including video below)

Today Kayleigh was asked why Trump continues to refuse to take action in accord with the usual “smooth transition” that up until Trump had been a non-issue and done as a matter of course. Kayleigh said it was because Trump was not given a smooth transition. This, of course, is an argument straight out of third grade. Let’s pretend it is true. What does that have to do with Trump not following tradition and doing so now?

But of course, it is not true. Trump was declared the winner by the media the night of the election. Hillary called him the next morning. Obama hosted Trump in the White House a week later. The Obama people put the incoming Trump aides through drills to show them the communication system and how to react, including to a pandemic. The Trump people largely ignored them, thinking that the Obama people were just dumb. (There have been many reports stating such). Of course, the money and intelligence were passed over to Trump within days. All of this despite the fact that Trump won by narrower margins than Biden did and despite the Obama administration knowing that the Russians assisted Trump.

Kayleigh actually complained that 70 lawmakers refused to come to the inauguration. She complained about a FISA warrant (no evidence of wrong doing in warrants on campaign except one minor error that had nothing to do with wrongful motivations.) She said “the American people spoke overwhelmingly for Trump – he lost the popular vote by 2.7 million, he won because our country is set up weird. He didn’t win “overwhelmingly,” but Biden did.

Kayleigh complained about Peter Strzok and Flynn (Flynn plead guilty, Stzock was kicked off Mueller’s team and never worked on Trump again, investigation after investigation found no wrongdoing. But she has to say something right?

So she stands there and tells a massive lie that is actually irrelevant. Even IF Trump didn’t get a smooth transition, that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t follow tradition and law.

Oh, and then this happened:


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