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Lara Trump Considering Running for Senate from North Carolina in 2022

And we thought there was no possible way we could be surprised anymore with respect to the Trumps.

Who had Lara Trump as the first/next Trump to be running for office? Well, according to the New York Times, “Eric the Dumb One”‘s wife Lara is considering running for the North Carolina Senate seat in 2022. It would be an open seat because Richard Burr is stepping down due to some … difficulties of late. (Best for him to just say “I want to spend some time with my grandchildren” and head somewhere where it’s easy for people in DC to forget you were ever there.”)

So! Open seat! 2022!

She would, of course, run in the GOP/Republican primary, but she wouldn’t be running as a Republican, not a real one anyway. She wouldn’t be running as a Republican because she believes in free trade, small government, balanced budgets, all that. Nah. She is a member of the MAGA party that is very quickly overcoming the GOP, the Grand Old Party has gotten a bit too old in this age of Trump and she plans to take advantage of it:

Ms. Trump, 38, a former personal trainer and television producer for Inside Edition, wed Eric Trump at the family’s Mar-a-Lago estate in 2014 and worked as a senior adviser on the 2020 Trump campaign. Now, the daughter-in-law whom Mr. Trump had often joked to donors that he “couldn’t pick out of a lineup” is floating herself as the first test of the enduring power of the Trump name.

Well, she’s as qualified as Trump ever was for the presidency. She is smarter than Eric, that’s for sure because she seems to have a good grip on economics.

We have voted Trump out of office (he’s not gone yet), but we won’t be able to rid ourselves of all the Trumps. The new MAGA party is going to be around for quite some time.


Peace, y’all
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