More Signs Trump Might Be Staying in the White House for Thanksgiving to Steal the Election

We sort of laughed when we heard from Trump’s “insiders” that the decision to stay at the White House for Thanksgiving was to sort of not show his face and it reflected his “bunker mentality” – meant to sound very “inside-like,” meant to sound embarrassing to Trump. Yeah, it is embarrassing and he definitely doesn’t want to show his face, no doubt about that.

But that’s not why he’s staying in Washington DC. He is staying in Washington DC because he plans on stealing the election and the only way to steal the election is to do it from within the White House. Possession is 9-10ths of the law, everyone knows that. And if your job is to “entice” or “threaten” legislators into doing your bidding, you don’t do it on the golf course in Florida, you do it in the bowels of the White House, where a typical Michigan legislator is shaking just upon entering.

Did I mention proof?

Amy Gardner is with the Washington Post. She didn’t make this up.

So what in the world could Trump possibly have on his mind that he needs to discuss with Michigan Legislators? For those who have not been doing the reading for class, legislators pick the electors for the electoral college. It’s never been an issue before because they simply went with whoever was the certified winner. But they never had a Trump before.

You will, of course, note that Trump has had remarkable success talking people into doing his bidding. Yes, many people love him. But many people love their country, too, and understand exactly the impact this would have – tossing out an election. But we get the sense (we have no proof) that some extra pressure is applied. Trump runs the White House like the mob. Perhaps there’s a bag of cash awaiting each one, $100,000 in cash to put in their suitcase going home (and photographed so that they’re owned because they just committed a felony) OR, the cheaper way, something much darker, threats to reveal bad stuff or threats that bad stuff will just suddenly happen. Accidents happen, suicides happen. This is Russia we’re now talking about, oops, excuse us – we mean “Trump” we’re now talking about.

Maybe some are less cynical and just think Trump can talk people into it because they want to please him. Maybe. But in our opinion, his record is just a bit “too good” with this type of thing.

Anyway, no one answered our question. What do they have to talk about? One thing only. Selecting electors. Period. Relay messages to pals. Maybe some dark ones. That’s our guess. Yours?

Here’s just a fun way to do it, using the White House itself as intimidation (which is why Trump isn’t leaving) even though we think Trump is doing more:

If only it was that innocent.


Peace, y’all
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