Election 2020

People are Having Fun Listing Things Trump Never Won and You Will Laugh All Day

We have proven that there is still plenty of pressure with respect to getting from here to the point where Joe Biden takes his hand off that Bible, shakes Roberts’ hand, and hugs Jill. Of course, there is, and we all feel it.

But despite the obvious, there are still some things we deserve and need to revel in. After all, beating Trump was apparently much more difficult than the polls showed even the day before the election. We don’t know if that’s simply because the Trump voters came out at record levels, or whether there are still problems with polling, or something much more nefarious. And yet somehow, someway, we were so disgusted by Trump and his inability to even pretend to do the job, such that we smashed all previous records in the number of voters and kicked his ass by five million popular votes and sufficiently with the electoral college that we matched his supposed “landslide electoral college vote” – something that doesn’t exist, but since Trump created it for himself, we figure we’ll borrow it and bury it later.

So at the very least, we know damn good and well Trump LOST the election itself and is nearly certain to be sitting out that 2nd term. Thus it is that Twitter decided to throw a party. Right now, perhaps the single best topic ever is trending number one and you need to see examples of those things Trump never won:

We will start semi-seriously:

And now move on to the just as accurate but more fun:

There are plenty more at the link here, have fun. You deserve it.


Peace, y’all
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