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Rudy Giuliani is the First Trump Official to Accidentally Announce Their Final Plan: War Starts Now

Well, here we are again! It is a daily thing now. We’ve probably reported on it near daily for a week (or two) and have been on it since the beginning of September (we checked). Except we were right, so we had to, and that’s not something we’re bragging about.

We actually DO have news. Yesterday we announced that the highest official yet – Ron DeSantis – admitted to what team Trump was up to. Today we alluded to it when we reported on the GSA denying the official transfer of funds to Biden and Lankford saying that the head of the GSA is not an elector. We even said that Trump’s decision to not go to Mar-a-Lago likely had more to do with the fact that he wanted to be in the White House monitoring certifications and legislatures than golfing in Florida. After all, this is about him.

For the love of all that’s holy, we’re not going to put our readers through laying it out again. What we will say is that for the first time, someone working inside the White House OR someone working on Trump’s legal team finally admitted what they were really doing. Of course, it is WAY too early to admit the ultimate goal. So of course it took the least aware person on the team, the most unreliable, the loosest cannon, or the drunkest – we cannot be sure what caused Rudy to admit it. We were sure it would be Rudy.

But here you go, Rudy would like a word because he just told you what they’re doing:

There you have it.

We said it since September. We’ve said it every day for two weeks. It is NOT being focused upon nearly enough the bigger websites – though Time is now on it. WE always believed we HAD to say something about it every day in part because it was NOT being reported upon by enough websites – so it took our mid-sized website to pound it, and hopefully, we hit enough people.

There are two things that make this incredibly important. One, it is absolutely possible that the legislatures would do it (the Secretary of State in Georgia is getting death threats from MAGAs, what do you think these Republicans will hear about from their constituents when this blows up ten days from now? Two, if they do it, it actually could work (for all the convoluted reasons we’ve discussed) and it would be 100% constitutional if they did it correctly without violating a state law (which would ultimately go to the SCOTUS).

The problem is that they really don’t want people learning of their plans this early because it could be defended by one week to ten days of people going crazy about disenfranchising entire states. If it would happen, it would happen almost lightning-fast, over two days, most people wouldn’t know what it meant. Then it’s done and everything changes.

It is also why the GOP is not pushing back against Trump. He has a path, they know it, they want to let him try it. These are the same people who sat a SCOTUS justice while people voted, even after the ten-month stolen seat. It might work and if they were the ones against him and it worked, they are done as Republicans.

So there you have it. Rudy is Trump’s lead attorney. No one can say they’re “considering it” or it’s a “theory” around them. The lead attorney knows the “plan.” They are going to take a run at it and, unfortunately, our future rides on GOP legislatures, and the GOP’s actions in and around the E.C., maybe the SCOTUS, and a House where each state gets ONE vote, and there are more GOP states than Dem.

It is official. Though two short short things. It’s not guaranteed at all, it is highly risky and might fail. Two, you can bet that if WE all have known about it, Biden’s team knew about it in March and have game-planned for it since August. That makes us feel better.

But this is not reported near enough.


Peace, y’all
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