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Sarah Palin is Really, Really Mad About Barack Obama’s New Book, ‘I Don’t Value That Man’s Opinion!’

If you went to a county fair and ordered a bacon-wrapped deep-fried stick of butter, it wouldn’t be as “rich” as this statement by one Sarah Palin over her deep concern about the “politics of personal destruction” led by Barack Obama. You see, under Palin’s theory, Obama specialized in – and maybe even invented – the politics “of personal destruction.” It revolted the American people such that they voted in Donald Trump to END this terrible practice. They wanted Trump to build people up and end the politics of personal destruction.

This is hilarious for one particular reason. The one thing that Trump could do to lose the MAGA head support is drop the “personal destruction” element of his politics. They love him because he makes the “libtards cry” and they love that he hates the liberal Demon Rats as much as they do.

IF Trump had ever said, “there are some very good people on the left who love our country and I want to speak to them and get to understand them, maybe work with them because they need to be respected, not torn apart. For example, I just spoke to Senator Klobuchar for thirty minutes, she seemed very nice and I liked her.” Trump’s support among his “base” would drop 30 points over night.

They didn’t elect some RINO!! They want a killer!!

Sarah Palin, though, is reacting to the fact that Barack Obama said mean things about her, like the fact that she started the “anti-intellectualism” movement on the right. (Far be it from us to disagree with President Obama, but it seems like Palin simply moved the ball up the court a bit, because George W. Bush sort of ran as the anti-Al Gore, meaning “The guy who doesn’t know what he’s talking about but the guy you’d rather have a beer with him.” Of course, George W. Bush now looks like FDR in comparison to Trump.) But Palin was angry that Obama pointed the finger at her and lashed out.

Obama’s “personal destruction” is why people elected Donald Trump!

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Umm, no. There were a lot of people that did vote for Trump because of President Obama but it had nothing to do with how Obama treated people. They voted for Trump over Hillary all to “restore the natural order of things,” if you know what we mean.

And, Sarah? You gladly embraced the “anti-intellectual” frame. You were the one that loved going off on the “elites” and the lamestream media that you don’t read.


Peace, y’all
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