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Scott Baio Threatens to Move to Utah and Unseat Sen. Mitt Romney for Not Loving Trump

Let’s just ask ourselves a question. If – and we know this is near impossible to imagine – but if you found yourself as a Trumper, don’t you think it would be preferable to simply never talk about the few celebrities that support Trump than to be talking about Scott Baio, Ted Nuggent, Chuck Woolery, and James Woods? (That’s it, that’s the list, by the way.)

Would you not feel some sort of responsibility to simply say something about “let’s leave celebrities out of this since they’re not really in it for politics …” anything to avoid having to even say “Scott Baio?”

It appears that given Scott Baio is one of “the big four,” he is starting to get some ideas in his head. He is thinking big. He wants to be the next U.S. Senator from the State of Utah. (Just FYI, there has never been a single person to run for the U.S. Senate that didn’t see themselves in the White House someday, honest).

This got started just like any fight involving someone who acts like he’s 18 years old, (ironically, the exact age when Baio was last relevant) responding to someone who has – at the very least – tackled some big issues. First Romney tweeted this:

And that made Chachi, we mean Baio, one angry Trumper. He doesn’t even live in Utah, but would move there just to teach Romney a lesson!

Now you know that Romney saw that and just thought, “Oh, sweet baby Jesus, please make this guy my primary opponent, please, please, I’ve been a pretty good billionaire.”

According to the Salt Lake Tribune:

Some found the idea of an actor known for “Happy Days,” “Charles in Charge,” “Bugsy Malone,” and “Diagnosis Murder” challenging the 2012 GOP presidential nominee ludicrous.

Might as well add our humble agreement.

We know one guy who would support Baio (though not send a check to his campaign):

Wait, wut? Trump predicted he’d be a one-term president who lost by an “electoral college landslide” (which is not a thing, as we keep saying)? As for “Slaughtered,” Romney lost to Obama by (essentially) one real contested state, Ohio, and it was at least respectably close. The other relevant fact is that once it became clear that Romney got beat (by far fewer total votes in that one state than Trump, Romney took it like a man and called Obama to congratulate him. Rather than sit at home and pout, Romney ran for Senate and won, all so he could vote guilty against Trump.

For a guy who can see the future, one would think that would be a bit “scary” early on.


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