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‘Sedition’ is Trending on Social Media With Palpable Anger at Trump Rolling Like Thunder


conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch.



Sedition. People are calling out Trump for attempting to delegitimize the incoming “authority” of a state, Joe Biden, who is the president-elect who won the election. And yet Trump is inciting both the MAGA heads to rebel, but also lawmakers in Michigan, and he’ll soon move on to Pennsylvania and WI or GA, depending on how it’s going. If  he convinces one legislature to vote in GOP electors because they’re convinced the election was rigged or at least unreliable enough that they’ve got to step up and do what Art. II of the constitution says they can do. He will try them all.

You cannot lose an election and then attempt to find a way around it, despite the fact you clearly lost it without inciting your people to damned near war, or war itself, at least street violence. Trump is attempting something that’s never been done in the United States, never been contemplated.

If he succeeds (and we all know what we’re talking about, the same plan we always discuss) there will never be another presidential election that isn’t just decided by state legislatures. Or, at least, never one where the people vote against the majority in the state legislature. If the majority is Democratic and the people vote for a Republican, the legislature will simply declare their preferred candidate the winner and move on.

That’s what’s on the line. That’s why sedition is trending number one.

“Won in a landslide” and yet it’s been over two weeks and you have had lawyers admit in court that they have no evidence, including even Rudy.

As we’ve said many times. It may look like a joke in the court rooms but that’s not the point. Watch the legislatures.

We will see what the legislatures do. By the letter of the law its somewhat constitutional. But the spirit and practice of the law it is utter setition.


Peace, y’all
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