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Televangelist Pat Robertson Says Trump Will Be Re-Elected, God Doesn’t Want ‘Satan’ to Be President

Every now and then televangelist Pat Robertson drops in to remind us that he’s still alive and still full of as much nonsense as he ever has been. Even as Republicans are slowly waking up to the fact that President Donald Trump is (thankfully) going to be a one-term president, Robertson clings to the vanishing hope that those votes will be reversed, notes Friendly Atheist Hemant Mehta. On Tuesday’s edition of The 700 Club, he opined Trump could still somehow scratch out a slight win and suggested that if that didn’t happen, Lucifer might be the new landlord.

The very thought of this apparently gave Robertson the heebie-jeebies:

“…In the name of Jesus, I bind the spirit of delusion that has come across our land,” he told his viewers. “We will not surrender our nation. We will not give up this great country. And Satan, you cannot have it. In the name of Jesus. And I began to pray, and I believe God has heard. And I’m asking everybody in this audience to pray. It isn’t over yet.”

Then he went all “aaaaah! Biden’s a socialist” and spoke further nonsense and called God to save us from the likes of Bernie Sanders and AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez).

“And I do not think, again, He wants us to turn this nation over to socialism and Bernie Sanders and AOC and those people are pure socialists and they want to take control over everything. They want to run all the business. They want to run all the industry. They want to redo all the uh, energy we’ve got. They want to take away your cars. They want to stop people flying airplanes (I don’t know about you, but I think he’s being a bit over-the-top here.) I mean, it is crazy what they have.”

That last paragraph is Robertson at his most obnoxious. He actually thinks his audience will buy that crap about progressives trying to “stop” people from flying. And make no mistake, this man is truly obnoxious, and he follows this up by saying:

“We cannot allow that. So let us pray. And… what am I hearing? I still think Trump’s gonna ultimately win.”

But what’s really happening here is that Trump’s words and the words of his fellow Republicans have made us all tone-deaf to nonsense. So few people bat an eye when Robertson makes absurd pronouncements. Something he’s made an entire career out of.

Here’s what Robertson had to say in the tweet below, courtesy of Right Wing Watch.

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