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Trump Caught Skipping G20 COVID Preparedness Meeting So He Could Go Golfing

For anyone who has hypertension, it’s probably best to just skip this article and move on to the next. It is just Trump being beyond typical Trump and literally finding new lows.

So there’s a virtual G20 preparedness meeting this weekend, it sounds like something where they’ll talk about logistics of getting out any vaccines (once one or two are found to be best, they’ll be made all over) out to every country – not just the 20, we mean every country, and that requires some people that care about saving lives. They will also likely share information on what’s been working. MASKS.

COVID is spiking in every country in the northern hemisphere. But+ the definition of “spike” is different in the U.S. versus other countries. When one accounts for the U.S.’s higher population and make a 1:1 comparison, the U.S. is still embarrassingly high. So one would think that the U.S. would have the keenest interest in how we’re going to move vaccines around. No. Our president is pouting because he lost the election and doesn’t give a fck right now what happens about anything other than his dwindling chances to steal an election.

Ours is going golfing to prove it, according to CNN:

It does not appear President Trump will participate in a side-event at the G20 virtual summit focused on pandemic preparedness. The event — which is due to begin this hour — will feature remarks from the leaders of Germany, France, South Korea and Argentina.

The goal of the event is to “foster international cooperation and to find solutions that protect people’s lives and livelihoods,” the Saudi release says. Trump has just arrived at his golf course in Virginia and does not appear on the list of speakers at the event.

Sometimes one thinks that if the election were held today, Trump would lose by a greater margin, given that his priorities have become clearer, even for a lot of the MAGAs.

Oh, and never forget that Trump is the only non-professional golfer who makes money when he plays a round of golf … and he’s not as rich as he wants people to think.

Peace, y’all
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