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Trump Enrages the Internet With Tweet Worried About Money, NOT the Lives Lost and Sickened

We apologize. We have written about this about twice a day for three days and we’ll do so, briefly, again. To put this in perspective, 2, 284 people died two days ago of Covid. Yesterday it was one-thousand less (could easily have been one-thousand more) and today it’s going up again because with 4 hours (central time) and time to gather further data, we are already at 1324 and again, there’s more time and more time for reports. But the seven-day moving average is horrific, steep hill. All of this was prior to the second-highest travel day of the year, with Sunday – the highest day. Winter is coming. At best, we can hope for the vaccine available to the general population in March, if everything goes perfectly. The United States is in a position to easily double the number of deaths as it stands right now at 262,000. by March.

As we have said, a real president would’ve spent Thanksgiving in the situation room surrounded by experts and delegating the real military to move in, where to go, give it the mission – get what’s needed anywhere, use every medical person in the U.S. military, sent to areas needed most, except a skeleton staff. They signed on to defend their country – now is the time. Time is of the essence, look at the average!

Donald Trump is far more concerned with the money people are losing, specifically the people that run restaurants. (Like him. He has restaurants in a few of his buildings and clubs). The economic concerns are very real, absolutely. If one doesn’t have a paycheck coming in? Are you kidding! Yes, terrible! So where was he two to three months ago knuckling Congress under (it might’ve won him the election) back when the GOP wanted to do it all on the cheap, next to nothing except for businesses. We just wish he cared about MASKS and LOGISTICS about people’s health as he does about the economics of it all – especially when we think that there’s personal motivation in this:

Time is of the essence for business. Not one word about people’s health. Not a single word. If an enemy was attacking and killing that many Americans? We also strongly believe there is a lot of agism going on here. If it killed younger adults and especially children, the country would shut itself down.

The net wasn’t impressed:

I cannot stand that the Right sees themselves as the only “real” Americans. Too many POC and gay people in that other party:

THIS is exactly what we’re talking about.


Peace, y’all
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