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Trump is Spotted With a Very Ample and Puffy Rear-End and Twitter Has Questions for ‘Diaper Don’

These are always a bit of a challenge.

First things first. We all age and with age come some struggles. There is no conceivable way any of us can run like we did in high school. It just “is” one of those things due to entropy and the way cells divide. Anyway, so we have a very difficult time making fun of anyone wearing incontinence pads because it’s just not a big deal. Some things don’t work as well anymore. So what? Right? That is one of the last things someone should be “teased” or “mocked” about especially by people thirty-years-old who, for all they know, may die in a car crash the next day and wish they’d have lived that long. We hate young people that mock those older than them for things out of their control.

But it’s Donald John Trump we’re talking about, soon to be ex-president of the United States, the man who would use anything to mock or degrade a person. He rated women on the size of their breasts on the radio in New York. He also assaulted women he thought were attractive enough that he could take what wasn’t his. This man, who has done all that and so so so much more, would be the very first to mock someone he doesn’t appreciate for wearing “diapers” (we will ONLY use that word associated with Donald Trump and no one else.)

Many people doubt that he does. After all, he would have to take his pants off as proof and there’s not enough money in the … it would take a lot of money for us to want to confirm that.

But we have this picture, and that’s awfully close to confirmation itself.

Nothing gets by the guys at Meidas Touch, who have the exact same values we do concerning mocking people. Only those who’ve earned it.

And now, #DiaperDon is trending and it’s hysterical:


Peace, y’all
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