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Trump Says Democrats are Trying to STEAL the Election from You, so send Money Now!!

We have been getting anywhere from 12 to 15 emails a day from the Trump campaign over the last few days, each one begging for money, each one sound increasingly desperate. Again, we’re not at all sure how we got on a list for his donors – we certainly didn’t do it to bring you more stories, though in retrospect that wouldn’t have been that bad an idea – and we damn sure haven’t given them a single dollar. But we are getting all kinds of emails over the last 24 hours we’ve gotten them from Trump himself, Don Jr., Eric (many from Eric), from Lara Trump, from the Trump campaign generally, and we’re probably leaving0 a few out.

The latest one comes from the man himself, insisting that the pesky, wily, and cheating Democrats are in the middle of stealing the election, just like he predicted! Right, just like everyone predicted, Democrats always showed healthier respect for COVID and where they could they filled out ballots ahead of time and mailed them in. Many places didn’t allow the ballots to be counted as they got in the door, perhaps out of fear that the overall numbers will start to leak out before election day and that would be bad.

But is it worse than having a man baby scream that just because ballots are being counted today means that the election is being stolen? Because that’s what he’s saying:



Just like I predicted from the start, mail-in ballots are leading to CHAOS like you’ve never seen, plain and simple! The Radical Left is going to do whatever it takes to try and rip a TRUMP-PENCE VICTORY away from you, and that’s why I’m coming to you now.

I need YOUR HELP to ensure we have the resources to protect the results. We can’t allow the Left-wing MOB to undermine our Election. I’m asking my fiercest and most loyal defenders, like YOU, to FIGHT BACK!

Chaos like never seen? What is he talking about? Chaos as in “votes continue to come in are now putting Biden into the lead …” that kind of chaos? He literally seems to be want to be rewarded for having voters that didn’t care about COVID risk and went to the ballot box yesterday (and we have questions about those, too).

And of course, they need money. He is running out of opportunities to beg for money. They will get 1,0000% for your donation, which makes one wonder why they need your money in the first place.

We have no idea what tricks are up their sleeves, only that they’re up there. We are also sure that we’ll be getting plenty more emails and every single one of them will be begging, pleading, yearning, crying, for money, PLEASE send more money!


Peace, y’all
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