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Trump’s Acting Like He’s Still Running for President and It’s Seriously Angering People

We aren’t getting into it because we just reported on it late last night and early today, thousands have read it, and so everyone knows that Trump is trying to convince state legislators in WI, MI, PA, and maybe GA to pick Trump electors because the election was “so rigged.”

Okay, we all know. We’ve kept everyone up to date.

The truly disgusting part is that while this nation crossed 250,000 deaths – a quarter of a million people before winter! – Trump is busier running for president, two weeks after the election than he is doing anything about COVID. To the extent that Trump brings up COVID, he is either A) Lying or B) Bragging that it happened under him and thus is part of his reelection plan.

But mostly he’s just running for president. We cannot even do a story including his tweets on the election because at that point our news story gets flagged as fake news and doesn’t reach our platforms, and we made a huge effort to get a passing grade on News Guard and we’re not putting it at risk.

So here is a typical Trump tweet  – one that won’t get flagged because it’s about COVID, but it’s actually about him and wanting a second term, that is pretty damned obvious:

To the extent Trump talks about COVID it is not about “People, wear a mask and keep distance, don’t spend time indoors, stay home as much as possible, because help is on the way!!” No, those types of tweets would save lives. He doesn’t appear to care about lives. It appears that he only cares about getting a second term because, as we said, he is still running his campaign. His voters in this campaign are the state legislators in certain key states. He wants them to know he’s doing a great job AND that the election was rigged – so that’s all he’s tweeting about. And he’s tweeted over ten times this morning already.

He isn’t working on the fact that hospitals are falling apart, are full, and people are dying out of lack of resources, nor is he talking about just getting a stimulus bill passed to get these people what they need.

He is doing nothing because he’s the worst president we’ve ever had:

That is a campaign tweet. Responses know it:


You get the idea. People have him figured out in every way. He is consumed with his own issue – which is remaining in a job that he refuses to do. So even his COVID tweets are actually campaign tweets and people know it.


Peace, y’all
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