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Trump’s Humiliation is Obvious: Since Election He’s Had Twelve Days Without a Public Appearance

First, to be very clear, we do not mean that it has been twelve days in a row since Trump has held a public event. He obviously did the “press conference” in which he took no questions. And he did the wreath-laying on Veterans’ Day, for which he was late and stayed less than twenty minutes. But other than that, since the election, Trump has had twelve days in that period without a public appearance, which, to say the least, is absolutely unheard of for him.

Trump revels in “being president” – which to him means being out as the center of attention. Plus, it’s always “good attention” because he never goes anywhere where he’s even controversial, never mind despised. He appeared when RBG lied in state – because he had to – and he heard from “the general public,” and he virtually never, ever does if it’s preventable. BUT, as president, he gets to hand-select his crowds and the only reason he’s president – besides the money – is to be cheered and worshipped, literally, at this point.

Apparently, it is no fun when one thinks of oneself as a loser, even if he could still go somewhere and be worshipped, now more than ever. It is still too much. Moreover, we know he plans to pressure the legislatures into sending electors to vote for him at the E.C. (whether he succeeds is a different question). He could help himself by amping up the anger and raise money if he just flew off to those three states and doing something. This is a guy who held rallies right after being elected last time and before being sworn-in. That is how badly he needs that adoration. That’s how badly he needs attention.

He doesn’t just watch television. He needs to be on television. And yet …

You think he isn’t absolutely humiliated, angry, depressed, in denial, terrified, … like never in his life?

Of course, you do. It is just somewhat fun to think about.


Peace, y’all
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