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Trump’s Pennsylvania Lawsuit Thrown Out with a Scathing Conclusion by Federalist Society Judge

First thing to know. Generally speaking, lawsuits move about as fast as glaciers, even worse in federal court, at least civil cases. There is one way to ensure one’s case is heard quickly and ruled upon right away. One must claim the need for a temporary restraining order because otherwise significant “irreparable harm” will hurt the plaintiffs filing the matter.

These temporary restraining orders can be awfully tough to win because upon filing them – like, immediately with the complaint – you have to have enough reliable facts attached to the complaint to demonstrate that what you’re saying is true. Do that and you’re only halfway to where you need to be. You also need the legal arguments that demonstrate you’ll likely win in the end. One can’t do that without arguing a lot of law along with your perfect facts.

And now you know exactly why team Trump has had so many cases thrown out so quickly and unceremoniously.

Trump’s “last best case,” or the “last best shot” (we can’t be certain there isn’t some small case still left hanging out there somewhere, we are sure that this is the one upon which they strongly relied), was a Pennsylvania case – the one Rudy signed as “lead attorney?” Yeah, that one. Today, it got tossed out with last week’s leftover enchilada.

There is a great thread that takes one through each step. But having already given everyone a brief overview of how these work above, we’ll just hit the highlights working toward the summation – which should be read aloud to Trump, just for fun, so he can see what he paid for. As per usual, just read straight down from the top to the next one to save space:

A SINGLE VOTER, never mind “all” voters in a single state.


“With prejudice” means “don’t change a few paragraphs and file this shit again.”

We thought you’d like to hear from a MAGA head who is convinced that the SCOTUS is rigged enough to disenfranchise seven million votes on that type of evidence. They won’t even agree to hear it.



Peace, y’all
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